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This Concrete Pod by Architect Kazuya Morita is a piece of Sculptural beauty. Just think of all the different applications for this amazing piece.........



"Concrete-pod" is micro-space furniture for private and public use made of extremely thin concrete. In the dome, because of its minimal scale, it makes us more sensitive and relax perhaps like when we are in a traditional tea-house CHA-SITSU. It was exhibited in "Concrete Art Museum 2005" in Nagoya, Japan.

"Concrete-pod" is made from fiber reinforced concrete, which is the mixture of white cement and light-weight aggregate and glass fiber. By application of Japanese traditional plasterer's skill SAKAN, it was plastered on the dome-shaped mould by a trowel. After hardening, the mould of Styrofoam was dismantled and removed.

The diameter and the height of "Concrete-pod" is 1700mm each, thickness of shell is 15mm only. A minor axis of a hen's egg is about 40mm and thickness is 400 micron, so it means this concrete-shell is just like an expansion of a hen's eggshell. Though it's "hen's egg thin", "Concrete-pod" has the enough strength that a grown-up man can climb up. Even when you are in the "Concrete-pod" which is tenderly covered by the concrete-shell, you can feel the outside environment through the number of the holes, so it makes us feel indoor and outdoor at the same time, and takes us to the sensitive feeling and deep relaxation in the nature.

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  1. Beautiful, and so appropriate for Easter! :)

  2. Very cool. Also congratulations on your daughter's happy news.

  3. It's like being in a egg. Wow!

  4. What a cool thing. I want my own pod for my back yard. Oh, and congrats to you and your beautiful daughter on her pregnancy. She already has a gorgeous family, but that news made me smile. Congrats Patricia. She will be so beautiful and I hope she has great luck with everything. All the baby stuff available these days is so delightful it makes me want to rush out and have a couple myself...
    So happy for you all, Terri xo

  5. Wow, I LOVE this. I can picture several of these dotting my yard...how wonderful.

  6. OMG, so cute!!! but, how much does it cost?


  7. Anonymous27/3/08

    This is a really awesome idea! So simplistic yet it must have taken so much thought to develop this. I'm an interior design student and one of our projects this year was to create a meditation space. Although we had some square footage requirements to contend to, I think this would have been a really awesome piece of inspiration to use!


  8. I enjoyed the link to Kazua Morita. Thanks! Just loved the house that is totally bookshelves on the inside.

  9. super cool. I think I would like it if the flooring were just inside the egg, though.

    How are you? I miss you.

  10. egg pod post is still up, even though I never commented, i do want one of those swiss cheesy eggs to go outside in, but then my "people" would find me.
    miss you, and my master lemon post today, i painted with you in mind, lemon yellow and gray.

  11. Anonymous7/4/08

    Where have you been in ? Everything is ok


  12. Very cool find Patricia - this is the sort of thing they should feature on dezeen:-) - I havent seen it there - but it is of the "cool" school that they blog on :-)

  13. Anonymous12/4/08

    into thin air..........March 21? I only click once a week to see you now vs. daily clicks..........where are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  14. I love these!

    Emily @ Material Girls

  15. Anonymous14/4/08

    MISSING you.

  16. What a great idea!!! :-)

    Hope all is well - just realized this post is 3 weeks old.

  17. Well I hope you are very busy with fabulous new clients and preparing for your new grandbabe. Missing you lots! Come back soon! :)

  18. I can't believe it's made out of concrete! Wow! Very interesting!


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