Happy Weekend & Happy 1st Day of March

When I have had a busy week, like I have this past one, I love to spend the weekend recharging my batteries. There are several things that do it for me and the one that fits for this weekend it to spend some time outdoors around trees. A walk in the park in the sunshine!!! What is your favorite thing to do this weekend?

photos by Kjersti-Berg_dreaming days1photos by Kjersti-Berg_dreaming days2photos by Kjersti-Berg_dreaming days
photos by Kjersti-Berg_dreaming days photos by Kjersti-Berg_dreaming days1 photos by Kjersti-Berg_dreaming days2

Dreaming Days Photos by Kjersti-Berg 1970 born in Stjordal, Norway Lives and works in Trondheim, Norway Link to Happy Weekend Posts


  1. loved these photos - reminded me of being a kid and laying under a tree with no worries or cares. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous2/3/08

    Comment from
    Julie O'Farrell
    O'Farrell Landscape Design, Inc.

    ...love those photos, and spending time outdoors around trees. this weekend my favorite thing to do is to paint a room that is soon to be my studio white. the entire room used to be brown. so the walls will be white and the ceiling will be brown, and you know how much work going from brown to white is. i'll also work in my garden, because i'm anticipating being too busy soon to get my own projects taken care of. spring is coming!! have a great time...

  3. I just love the laying-on-the-ground feeling I get from these photos.


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