LA Pacific Design Center & Dallas Market Center

I'm off to LA & Dallas this week. Three days in LA. I am planning to go to the Pacific Design Center and visit various showrooms in the adjacent area. Then to Dallas for the Market for two days. In Dallas I am going to meet up with Joni of Cote de Texas fame. We have never met in person....

I, of course, will take loads of pictures and notes to share with you when I return.

And for the International readers of my Blog I have added a translator in my Side Bar to make it easier for you to read my Blog in your native language. Let me know how you like it. I was inspired by the Blog Perfect Bound to add this Google Widget. It is easy to do. Click on the link under the box that says Gadgets and Google will walk you through it.

Felicity from All things Bright and Beautiful has just started a great new series of posts for people new to blogging. Where to store photos, how to insert different fonts, code - you name it she wants to share the knowledge. Send tips or questions her way to improve your blog's look and make your blogging life so much easier. You can also check out some great tips for New Bloggers (and it can also benefit those of us who have been blogging for awhile) at a site called Pro Blogger.

I'll be back posting next week.


  1. Thanks for posting that! I checked it out and Felicity has some great tips for us new bloggers.

  2. You lucky thing meeting the lovely Joni!! And I'm so envious of your visit to the Pacific Design Centre. I visited that mamouth place when I was in LA a couple of years ago! Can't wait to see your pics and do give Joni a big hug for me!!

  3. ...looking forward to hearing about your trip :)


  4. i would love to meet up with you at the PDC. let me know if you have any free time...


  5. robyn14/1/08

    Very cool post, thanks for letting us know about the language widget. Safe travels and hope you have a great time!

  6. Have a Bon Voyage Patricia!
    I've lived in both places. If you have time while at the Design Center, check out Soolip across the street and the shops on Roberson and also on 3rd. Also lots of design type stores near on and near Melrose.
    While in Dallas, you will be near Stanley Korshak at the Cresent. But you will be in good hands with Joni. Have a GREAT trip!

  7. Felicity did indeed start a great series with tips. Have a safe and gorgeous time. Very much looking forward to the photos!

  8. Patrica!! thank you sooo much!! I really appreciate the mention and I'm off to check out perfect pounds tips ! :-)

  9. safe & happy travels! can't wait to see what you bring back to share! :o)

  10. Inspiration all the way. I am sure you are having a wonderful time!

  11. Anonymous19/1/08

    I was at Highland Park Village two days last week! I wish I had seen you both, I'd have passed out....two favorite bloggers together! Your daughter is as beautiful as you are. I bet Joni is a real hoot!

  12. Hey Paticia !! I saw your pics on Cote de texas!! You are one stylish lady!! - sounds like you had a ball!! :-)

  13. Halcyon
    I can't believe you were In Highland Park Village last week, I wish I would have known that you lived in the vicinity and we could have met up....I love Dallas, lucky you living there.

  14. Anonymous20/1/08

    Thanks Patricia, I doubt you could have packed one more moment into your trip from what you said! I just can't believe we had it cold for yours and Joni's arrival. It's been balmy here! I cracked up about the GPS lady, but it sounds like Joni successfully navigated the perils of Mockingbird Lane (on which I work) construction.
    Glad you had a great time. You and Joni in Paris? An international incident in the making....monetariliy!

  15. Hi Halycon
    You are so right-it was Mockingbird Lane that had all the Detours..and it was a nightmare for the poor GPS Lady.


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