{ Vintage Children's Wallpaper }

This is a sample of a vingate wallpaper for a nursery I am doing for baby Inigo. It is printed by Design Your Wall. The first picture is a sample of the actual paper which is printed on a heavy canvas. The second picture
is the a picture of the full repeat from their web-site. It is always a good idea to request an actual sample before you order to make sure the colors are what you want and so you can match any paint before the paper is actually hung and to see the actual size of the pattern. As you can see the actual sample has a more yellow background, which I actually like better than the photo from their web-site.

Click the image to enlarge and see the texture of the canvas. This company prints on a shiny paper unless you request otherwise. For this "vintage" design I thought that the canvas showed it off better.


  1. how adorable!
    i agree - sampling wallpapers and paints together are so important before you order. conflicts like clashing color palettes can get quite frustrating.

    jenn lee

  2. These are so cute!!
    Oh and congratulations on winning those beautiful lamps!!

  3. this is adorable wallpaper - so unusual - I've never seen anything quite like it!!!

  4. cute! I might need to know this quite soon...

  5. Oh Suzy
    How wonderful and how exciting....

  6. Perfect for my little man's room!!!:-)

  7. Love this paper, this would make such a fun statement in a kids room!!


  8. Anonymous25/1/08

    So beautiful!Lucky child!! ;-)

  9. Paper is happy! Makes me smile!

  10. Anonymous28/1/08

    That's really great...my mother is having a really hard time trying to decorate my tiny sister's bedroom in a tasteful fashion...I will direct her to this!


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