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 Patricia Gray, award-winning interior designer and global aesthete
When Patricia Gray designed a residence for John Travolta (“JT,” she calls him), “he was lovely to work for, and wanted a place to escape to.” Patricia Gray, a regular interior designer to the stars, Feng Shui practitioner and a Vancouver native, was nominated “2014 Designer of the Year,” has numerous “First Place Northwest Design Awards,” and her firm was named one of the “Top 3 Design Firms in Canada.”
Gray’s mother was a bespoke dressmaker in Vancouver in the 1960’s. “I rushed home from school, excited to see the Jackie-O-style dresses and to help drape and sew.” Years later, while Gray was studying at the Parsons School of Design in Paris, one of her instructors, a curator at Versailles, used her ring of skeleton keys, some nine-inches-long, to unlock doors few had entered. After seeing the magnificent interiors they led to, Gray’s fate as an interior designer was sealed.
See the world through Patricia Gray’s eyes when you peek at a few of her favourite things. patriciagrayinc.com

Patricia’s Picks

Chanel delivers what Patricia Gray expects from quality shades: “I’ve always worn them.“

Stella McCartney tops Patricia Gray’s charts in black or white.

Tom Ford Indian Rose lipstick, discovered on a Manhattan trip, is bought “two or three at a time.”

 An Yves St. Laurent bag “holds everything for business, but it’s dressy for dinner too.”

Patricia Gray likes the silence of her Hermès leather bracelet — “it doesn’t clank at my desk.”

 One whiff and she “fell in love” with Diptyque’s Tam Dao.

” Walnut and ¾ inch thick glass make for intricate end tables, Patricia Gray's design. “

The globetrotter totes Tumi luggage in dark grey as she seeks out ever-more beautiful design ideas to bring home to Vancouver.

I discovered Roger Vivier flats in Paris — love the tortoise buckles.”

 Of her upcoming visit to Croatia, “I can’t wait to walk the walls of cities on sea cliffs, visit castles, and learn the history.

Originally published in Taste of Life Magazine
Taste of Life Magazine Text by Brett Price and Catherine Dunwoody 

PATRICIA GRAY INC is an interior design expert in Vancouver. Here we write about lifestyle


  1. Such elegant choices of beautifully designed things. So nice to see another post from you after so long. Happy Weekend!

    1. Hi Boxwood....sorry for the late late reply. Thanks as always to you for your lovely comments!

  2. Pimpays16/1/15

    Very beautifully interior design ideas

  3. Zakia16/1/15

    I really love your writing style. Thanks for sharing.
    Canadian Home Decorating Blogs

  4. very fashionable sense of style.I love your pick very elegant and classy

    1. Thanks kindly Kirsten. I appreciate it!

  5. Bailey George14/3/15

    Love all your picks!

  6. Awesome fashion style! I love these bag, really suitable with outfit.

  7. I love the Stella McCartney longsleeve with dual zips. The zips really accent such a simple design, giving it personality, while keeping the look minimal. Very cool.

    1. Hi....I agree, Stella McCartney does have a knack for designing simple, elegant pieces that are quite timeless.
      Thanks for your comment.

  8. Love the picks, but particularly the Yves Saint Laurent bag. So elegant, and the perfect size. And yes, perfect for day or on into the evening. Very nice.

    1. Hi Leo
      So glad you like the Yves Saint Laurent bag. It is one of my all time favourites

  9. Love all your picks!

  10. Beautiful and classy picks. Your choices are impecable as always. The picture of you is very elegant and I love your one of a kind trademark necklace. Did you design it too? It's perfect.
    Thank you for sharing beautiful findings with us.

    1. Hi Natalie
      Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate it. The necklace I am wearing I got in Milan a few years ago. I love it so much that I tend to maybe wear it too much...but as you can see I love beautiful things.


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