Simple White Flower Arrangements

These are some simple white flower arrangements that I use regularly in styling my own home and clients' homes. They are especially effective for a dinner party, are easy to arrange and make you look like an expert interior design stylist. Try some and have fun!
simple white flower arrangements
This centrepiece contains one bundle of pussy willows, two bouquets of white tulips and one small storage basket. 
Expert Interior Design StylistSimple White Flower Arrangements

Tie bunches of cala lilies with rope or twine and in clear vases (left). Arrange bunches of different white flowers in assorted vases down center of table or in front of each plate (right).

Interior Design Expert VancouverInterior Design Expert

Nine perfect white roses in a square glass vase (left). A white orchid with bamboo cross stakes (right).

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  1. Beautiful and simple! Thanks for the tips.


  2. Anonymous5/9/14

    Do you think any of these can be made with silk and look "almost" the same???

  3. David Wrenn6/9/14

    flowers decoration for interior good looks is such a nice idea.
    interior designer singapore

  4. Yes they could be made with silk flowers.

  5. awesome looking all vast and flowers are beautiful.

  6. Perumal18/9/14

    Thank-you for sharing the post on flower arrangements...really nice post...

  7. I love working on flower arrangement, the simplest, the better…. My friend is getting married in our house in the next couple of weeks…many arrangements to be done.
    I hope all is well, will email you, challenging times...

  8. What is the name of flower? that green in the table.

    nice share, lady

  9. Awesome Tips. It's always relaxing to see beautiful flowers inside your home. Makes the room more comfortable and pleasant to chill out and relax. And with this cool tip, it will make more attractive and elegant. Really Great!


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