Patricia Gray's Tips for Making Colour Work in Your Interior

Don't be afraid to use colour. Have fun and use colours you love in the accessories,  
which don't cost a lot to change out. If possible, change them seasonally to keep 
        your interiors fresh.  

 White is a wonderful colour for kitchens. Just as simple white plates are a beautiful 
 way to display food, everything looks delicious against white counters, cabinets and 
 Before you commit to a colour, try many. Buy sample pots and large poster boards 
 and paint the boards. Move them around the room so you can see how the colours 
        change in different light depending on the time of day. 
Two perfect blues: Heaven on Earth and Under the Big Top, both by Benjamin
 Choose original artwork you love and then look to that artwork to create layers of 
 colour. Pull different shades and vary them in throw pillows, accessories like blown 
        glass, flowers and fruit.  
 Keep accent colours in a single family for a unified, sophisticated result. Editing is a part of the process.  With too many objects in a room, you don't appreciate any one thing.   

Accents of citron and ultramarine blue pop against a neutral backdrop of beige, taupe and brown in the family room. Photo: Patricia Gray Inc.
A soothing shade of warm taupe on the walls is a perfect backdrop for art and accessories in the den. Cushions pull a shades of brown from art by David Edwards. Photo: Patricia Gray Inc.   
The master bedroom, painted a delicate shade of pure summer sky, imbues the room with a relaxing atmosphere. A vintage Louis chair received an update with silver paint, white leather upholstery, and nail heads. Art is by Karen Lorena Parker. Photo: Patricia Gray Inc.
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Patricia Gray's Tips for Making Colour Work In Your Interior
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  1. Yeah, colors reflect the personality so, select best interior painting scheme for your home.

  2. Hello Patricia. Love your blog for a long time and I wish you could post more often. Stunning images of a great work. Thank you for valuable tips. Enjoyed visiting your blog as always.

  3. Thanks for posting these tips. So happy to see another post on your blog!

  4. I totally agree with you about color´s complements. However the most difficult part form me is when we have to convince our clients to do not have afraid about certain colors. Regards from Madrid ^^

  5. Great tips and beautiful designs!!

  6. Great tips! A must read for any ambitious DIY painter!

  7. a very comfortable home, dream home

  8. One of the important in interior designing is color and you have one of the best tips here. Thanks a lot.

  9. so loving this post... finishing up my sisters house in denver and paint is on the front burner... our heads are spinning over all of the possibilities... and colors we thought were a shoe in... are completely different in the new house so we began a new journey and discovered new colors never used before... and the result... simply amazing!
    hope you are well patricia... and look forward to checking in more often ...xx pam

  10. Great images. I love the use of the lucite chairs and glass table. Whenever you have a small space, uses transparent materials and mirror. These elements add no visual weight and help make a room appear bigger. Thanks for posting!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

  12. Hello, good afternoon! :)

    Have recommended 10 interiorblogs on my page, and yours is one of them. Congratulations!

    Best regards
    Stian N. Moen / www.noreeninterior.com

  13. very comfortable room & nice tips.....

  14. Very beautiful house!!!
    From now you have a new followers
    Laura and Lisa

  15. Hello everyone!

    Nothing better to start the day seeing this.

    Perfect colour match and simplicity!

    Best regards

    Thomas Gray

  16. great photos,i love the room..

  17. Thanks for the tips. The photos are truly wonderful!

  18. Great room designs and great advice!

  19. Excellent tips! I totally agree with your points. Color is considered one of the most important part in interior designing. Your designs are fantastic. Great share!

  20. All such beautiful rooms, perfect balance between colour, light and texture. Love the re-vamped Louis chair. Great idea up-doing a vintage piece - perfect feature in a modern room.

  21. Such a very informative post. The tips stated above are really true as base on my experience.

    interior designer sydney

  22. A very informative post.Choosing the best quality paints for your house will surely give a new look to it..

  23. Pete Viti30/4/14

    The master bedroom, painted a delicate shade of pure summer sky, imbues the room with a relaxing atmosphere. A vintage Louis chair received an update with silver paint, white leather upholstery, and nail heads.Amazing! love to find this.

  24. Valerie Casady21/5/14

    These are awesome tips Patricia. I agree with most of it especially number 2. I'm such a sucker for whites. I find it a very relaxing yet sophisticated color. It's pretty easy to design a room with whites for it looks adorable with decorations regarding its color. Thanks for the share!

  25. I love your post! Colors certainly makes a lot of difference. -Patrick Tan


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