The Essentials of Fabulous

The Essentials of Fabulous

I just returned from a ‘fabulous’ six days in New York. It really is a special time at Christmas with all the lights and excitement…..more of my adventures in a later post. I just wanted to share with you a must-get book for Christmas gift giving. I have just placed an order for a dozen to have on hand for last minute gifts for all the fabulous girlfriends, guyfriends, relatives, and for all the fabulous people you haven’t met yet.

“No one is born fabulous,” author Ellen Lubin-Sherman writes. “You have to decide to do it—to transform yourself into one of those amazing creatures that infiltrate our lives and ignite our dreams with their swagger, energy, pizzazz, and soigné charm.” The Essentials of Fabulous guides you to set yourself apart in this “whatever” world by paying scrupulous attention to detail. It shows you how passion, enthusiasm, attitude, superior manners, and a terrific personal style will catapult you right into the fabulous pantheon.

So I recommend that you definitely get a copy for yourself and while you are at it get as many as you can for all the fabulous people in you life.

Happy Fabulous to all of you!!

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  1. Dear patricia:
    thank you.
    Would love to hear about your new York adventures!

    Best regards, ewa.

  2. Thanks Patricia for sharing this!

  3. Oh, how fabulous to be in NYC this time of year,
    our friends, The General and his Wife, just returned from five fabulous days and plays.

    Thank you for this tip! I just ordered three for my fabulous friends,

    Sparkly, sensational and peaceful holiday to you, Patricia!

  4. Patricia,
    Vou procurar este livro aqui no Brasil.
    Tudo de bom para você.

  5. Translation:
    Vou procurar este livro aqui no Brasil.
    Tudo de bom para você.

    I'll find this book here in Brazil.
    All the best for you.

  6. Thank you Patricia for sharing this. it was so good to spend time together. I am getting the Morocco dates together and Palm Springs. But first i have to get a few copies of the book.

  7. Patricia,
    ...and you are absolutely fabulous!
    Thanks, I am buying copies for all my essentially fabulous friends.

  8. Patrícia, desejo a ti, teus familiares e todos os visitantes do teu blog um Feliz Natal. Aproveito para informar que dia 02 de janeiro estreia Urbanascidades 2012, igual mas...diferente.
    Paulo Bettanin.

  9. Since I'm getting a Kobo for Christmas this may be the first book on my download list...thanks for the share!

  10. 2012 oportunidades
    de teres o que precisas
    e seres o que mereces,
    dentro e fora da blogosfera
    para ti e quem conheces.
    É o que deseja, Barbaridades,
    torcendo por ti nesta nova Era
    De uma forma amiga e sincera
    o teu colega do Urbanascidades.

  11. What a lovely blog!! This I will follow!

    Best regards and a happy new year!!


  12. Patricia,

    I concur great book I have it on my iPhone it's great to review often, as new habits, need constant review. Perfect for Birthday gifts during the year too.

    Happy Happy New Year...Cheers!


  13. wonderful blog...thanks for sharing.

  14. This book seems great! I will get a closer look to buy it online right away!

  15. Fabulous is definitely in you!

  16. love love it! really wonderful to review often

    Happy New Year to you too

    May all your wishes come true


  17. Have a fabulous New Year 2012! Nice site. Keep blogging!

  18. Bonjour Patricia,
    Thank you for coming by and following my blog, now I've found your beautiful one. NYC at Christmas is always lovely. Will check out this book now, sounds interesting.
    Bonne journée,

  19. I'm going to do the same thing...love the idea of having several copies on hand (and one for myself). Happy FABULOUS 2012 to you!!

  20. Just ordered two for my girls...can't wait to read it and thanks for pointing it out!

  21. Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out!
    Thanks for the tip.


  22. New York is thee place. However, Bangkok Thailand is great as well. I grew up in New York but open our Interior Design firm in Bangkok 12 years ago. Great place. It has some of those cool overtones that NY has. It's not New York....But cool none the less.

  23. This is indeed a fabulous post :p

    Great job blogging and I hope you'll continue!

    Versa Robes

  24. Eileen5/3/12

    Hi Patricia, I wanted to tell you that after reading your post in December of the must read book The Essentials of Fabulous I have been very inspired. I read it and then gave it to my family and friends. It is one of those life changing books. Thank you so much for recommending it. It will be a book that I will keep close by.

  25. Surely you need to give this to those people who are NOT fabulous yet ;) Sounds like a great and very unique book though, I'm intrigued!


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