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BC Home Magazine Design 101

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BC Home Magazine Design 101 cont.

BC Home Magazine Design 101  

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BC Home Magazine Design 101

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  1. That was a great read Patricia...very well written! Happy weekend! Tracey xx

  2. Patricia, congratulations for this fabulous article. Love your answers

  3. Nice article. Sometimes, it is important to go back to the very basics of Design.

  4. Congrats on the article. That's great.

    I just found your blog last week...good stuff! It's great to see a designer in the blogesphere who is a seasoned, real Interior Designer. You are a rare breed!

  5. Experience and wisdow are what we need to read and get familiar with as the Interior Design field changes yet again.

    As the economy shifts, our focus has turned to basic needs and quality control. We as designers provide the direction for our clients. What we read and learn is our compass on how we provide our client/customer service and how we make a living.

    Great and timely article. For some designers it has been the end of their business and a year of reinvention. I think that Design 101 is a great place to start again and not lose sight that there's always room to learn more.


  6. well, well, well!!
    nice going!!

    congratulations to you.

    xx happy holidays as well.
    and i have a feeling you will have a great new year!

  7. Patricia,

    Yesterday I saw your article in BC Homes - Very excited for you!!!

    Great answers :)

    PS Love the picture of yourself

  8. Great great great article! That's me being exuberant.

  9. Great article. We need to go back to basics, personal surroundings is a great place to start.

  10. Yeah, I must agree.
    We all have to start from ourselves.
    I really liked your clever and full of ideas answers.
    Very inspiring!

  11. Anonymous2/12/09

    I love your approach to design - basic principles that stand the test of time. We all need to know where to spend our money these days.

    Thanks for continuing to inspire us designers and homeowners alike with your experience and wisdom.

  12. i just came back to tell you again...
    this is great 'news!!!'

  13. Hello I am an interior design grad. and I am trying to set up an informational blog for current students. your site is packed with info and great news do you have any advice for my page?

  14. Patricia,
    Great article for those looking to "refresh" their space.
    Lovely job!

  15. Great job on this, love it!
    canvas print


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