A Merry Red Christmas Eve

I am planning my virtual outfit to wear on Christmas Eve. This year has been very special and there is alot to celebrate and to be thank-ful for. Red seems appropriate and just feels right for this time of year. In a perfect world this is what I would love to have in my closet and jewellery chest. What do you think?

Lida Baday silk skirt & Donna Karen turtle neck
Cartier "Le Basier du Dragon" 18K white gold & ruby earrings based on Art Deco style. The lucky thread is tied, as when making a wish.
Manolo Blahnik shiny red sequin heels trimmed with satin piping.

Cartier Ruby & Diamond Ring

Cartier Classic Diamond Watch with red crocodile strap

And to finish off the outfit Cartier Delices Perfume
Sweet dreams of a Merry Red Christmas
For another post on colorful Red for the Holiday Season visit Me, Myself & I


  1. Love to see a woman in red - why hide?

  2. Hi HBC
    You inspired me with that last YouTube on your blog. Now I just need to "Talk" the walk.

  3. Red is so glamour . I wish you a wonderful red christmas ...
    Joyeux NOel

  4. A beautiful way to celebrate. Cheers!

  5. Anonymous17/12/07

    Love the post. I'll take a red gown and Cartier watch, please.

  6. Anonymous17/12/07

    I enjoyed your red post so much I just noted it on my site! Thanks for wonderful reading.

  7. Hi Melanie
    Have a wonderful "French" Christmas.

  8. Hi BA
    Nothing like celebrating beautifully, expensively and colorfully.

  9. Hi Me
    I enjoyed your post on Red also. I will link your too.
    As far as the Cartier goes the watch is a winner in my books!

  10. Patricia,
    What a beautiful ensemble you've put together for your "virtual outfit". This is such a fun post!


  11. Hi Alkemie
    It's fun to dream in the "virtual" world.

  12. That is just my style, the skirt the turtle neck just stunning!

  13. Anonymous17/12/07

    Thank you for the mention!

  14. Anonymous17/12/07

    A stunning photo but way too covered up. Whatl looks great in a fashion shot like this wouldn't necessarily look good in real life. I'd say go easy on the red (it can look too costume-y). Everyone looks flattering in a v-neck top. (draws the eye up to the face). jmho

  15. Hi Anonymous
    I agree that red could look too "costume-y" and I think that this all red look would ONLY work for me on Xmas Eve. But I disagree with you on the turtleneck in red. I think that if it was a V-neck it would look too tacky. The turtle gives it quite an elegance and esp with the Cartier jewels. Now give me a deep V top in black any day...that is a color that draws the eye up to the face.

  16. Hey - bring that watch with you to Dallas - I want to borrow it. I told Ben the other night that tops on my wish list was the gold Cartier roadster. Classic - just like your birkin wish list. You know - I love the simplicity of the skirt with the turtleneck - it totally frames the face and the earrings just sets the face off. I think a v neck would draw the eye to the neck and not the face - plus you know = blonds look great in red! I love it! and you!!!

  17. Love it! Fab, fab, fab, fab, fab!!!!
    Those earrings are to die for!

  18. Red is such a beautiful colour. If i had to pick one i would take the Cartier Ruby & Diamond Ring...if i had to choose...lol!!!

  19. Gorgeous Patricia, all good choices!

  20. hmm... I'd add those lovely Louboutin heels with the fab bows on the back. to die for. but then, naturally, you couldn't wear this long, sleek dress. But I must admit, I'd be the first one to plan an outfit from the floor up ;)


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