David Ward artist for Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor House and Garden Feb 1991 Artist Charles Arnoldi

Below is a picture I posted awhile back titled Calling Card Chic. I had the pictures in my files for awhile and had always liked it but couldn't remember where I had gotten it. To my surprise yesterday the artist, David Ward, who had done the organic stick art on the wall in this very same picture contacted me. I have long been an admirer of Michael Taylor's work and did a retrospective posting on his work that showed the room above with his signature trademark, with this same stick art. Also I was recently in the Michael Taylor showroom in Chicago where David Ward has another piece of this artwork. As a designer I have so many images running through my mind on a 24/7 basis that I don't always consciously know the sources for everything. So I think it is quite serendipitous that David contacted me to introduce himself and I was able to piece all these images together, and above all to have found the artist of this fantastic artwork. That is another reason, among many, that I love the blogging world. You make connections that you might never have made.

Michael Taylor headquarters designed by Jeffrey Weisman of Fisher Weisman Stick Art by David Ward

This is a lighting fixture that David has just completed for a Tea Bar called Teance in Berkeley California. Fu Tung Cheng is the designer and owner. Fu Tung Cheng also has a stove hood fans that he has designed for Zephyr. David Ward also does rock art, which I think is stunning and bold. More of David's designs above and below Visit David's web-site http://www.sticks-n-stones.net/index.shtml


  1. Patricia,
    How wonderful to have found the source of those interesting pieces. I know exactly what you mean about images floating in your head. One of the many things blogging has taught me is to document sources as you discover them. I no longer wait till I want to use it and have to find it again. Thanks for sharing the source.

  2. It is wonderful . I'ev never heard about his work before . Thank you for sharing.

  3. I like David's work! Stick art goes so well in contemporary or coastal setting.

    I wonder if the stick art in the post I did recently is also from David...(see first image)


  4. I love concrete counters! I really like the image of the Teance tea bar.

    David Ward's wood art pieces are really nice. A great way to decorate a blank wall.

  5. Hi Jackie
    I agree with you to try and document sourses as you find them. That is one of the reasons I started blogging as a way of organizing and filing reference material and sources of inspiration.

  6. Hi Melanie
    I am glad you now know about David's work in your part of the world.

  7. Hi Bhavna
    Yes, interestingly enough the picture in your post is David's organic stick art. It is a small world. Good noticing on your part.

  8. Hi Gee
    David's art is so indicative of Michael Taylor's organic take on Interior Design and I guess concrete countertops could be considered an organic use of materials also. I think the two elements go hand in hand.

  9. Patricia,
    Very interesting post! and David's work is very unique and inventive.

  10. David is living & creating at the right time in history don't you think?

  11. Big fan of David Ward...will be using his artwork for a restaurant project. He's based out of No. Cal if anyone is interested. Great post Patricia!!!


  12. These are stunning. I have always loved old baskets hung on walls for their color and texture. This shares a similiar look with a more modern appeal. I would love to see any future collaborations you may have.

  13. Anonymous6/9/07

    Hi Patricia, the first picture in the Michael Taylor interior isn’t mine, it was an early inspiration for me though. It was done by Charles Arnoldi while Michael Taylor was alive. I loved the medium and did pieces a little more refined and contained and in my own personal way. Thanks I love your words and all the information you share.

    Take care,

    Best to you!


  14. Hi David
    Thanks for clarifying the artist's credit for the first picture. I think that picture was an inspiration for many of us. I am so glad that you have been able to carry on the tradition in your own unique way. All the best to you.

  15. I love, the first black work of his. Makes me want to go out and make something fabulous!

  16. Hi Liberty Post
    Yes David is living and creating in the right time in history. And he is doing it totally uniquely and I love the organic nature of his art.

  17. Hi Girl Meets Glamour
    You are working with David. How exciting. Please share your restaurant design when it is finished. Good luck on it.

  18. Hi Brilliant Asylum
    I agree with you on the baskets on the wall and David is reinterpreting that textural natural look in a modern way.

  19. Hi Anne
    Thanks for your comment

  20. Hi Maryam
    Itsn't it great when artists inspire us with our own creativity.

  21. Wow, Glamour Girl - I'm impressed!

    Blogging is so wonderful, the back and forth - the sharing of ideas - the meetings between artists and designers and consumers. When I used to hear the word blogging years ago, and usually it pertained to politics, I didn't get it, I didn't understand what exactly a blog was. It was hard to explain and the concept was so unique, so new, so revolutionary - the blogosphere was going to decide the presidential election!! Now, it's spreading out to everyone - I love how there's a cottage blog, a preppy blog, a Victorian blog, a contemporary blog, but truthfully, I like our little design blogosphere the best.


  22. Hi Joni
    Very well said. I like that blogging is so interactive and spontaneous and that it links us all together and spreads knowledge, inspiration and resources.

  23. most mesmerizing is how judiciously simple the designs are. Not one extra stick has been used. organic simplicity. what a perfect foil for lush interiors.

  24. Anonymous13/6/09

    Aha! We used David Ward's work a lot in my prior job, so I'm familiar with it and who does it.

    What I couldn't put together until I just read this blog post was where I'd seen this sort of thing in the past before that! Thanks for clearing that up for me.



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