Getting Ready for a Photo Shoot

It takes a lot of flowers to get ready for a photo shoot. And don't forget fresh veggies for the kitchen!

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  1. So true Patricia!!
    I just did a photo shoot and wrote about it on my blog too!

  2. Laura3/4/14

    After the photo shoot, those beautiful veggies will make a great, healthy meal. What a win/win!

  3. Hi Patricia ~ What a great article! Regarding the photo shoot, I'd be so spoiled and want fabulous food and flowers all the time! Wonderful to see what you've been up to. My first glimpse of your place, many years ago, was a mirrored reflection of a corner of your kitchen ~ you were talking to us about the beauty of lucite. I see now that the corner is a perfect reflection of a beautiful place that you love to call home.
    I just have to add ~ you look great! In the article and in prepping for the shoot!
    Always, Lisa

  4. Princess29/4/14

    What a fabulous post! You just made my day. Flowers are always inspiring for me. I am use to make home beautiful by decorating it with beautiful flowers. You look good Patrica. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post.


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