A Perfect White Geranium


Patricia Gray Perfect Geranium_1
To my delight and surprise this morning I found this last perfect white geranium in my garden as the nights are turning cold and crisp and we are rapidly approaching winter. It is hardy and pure.

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  1. Nice "Flora" shot... not seeing too many flowers in my neck of the woods anymore.

  2. I love geraniums, they remind me my home!

  3. Monika26/10/11

    thank you, what a nice 'Good Morning'

  4. Colleen26/10/11

    Good Morning Patricia,

    I truly thought it was a painting. This photo is quite poignant to me. It signifies resiliency in life.

  5. Stunning, romantic. xo

  6. That would make a great print for a piece of cloth - stunning framed in black.

  7. Ewa Zebrowski26/10/11

    Such gorgeous image!
    Took my breath away.

  8. Just came across your blogg, Simply beautiful. I just yesterday picked seven geraniums to place in little shot glasses to put on my kitchen windowsill and the two white varieties are clearly the stars of the show. Enjoy your day!

  9. This one is so amazing, you are right!
    Pure and perfect...
    It looks both fragile and like a miracle of mother's nature.

  10. What a beauty!

  11. What an amazing image, would make a great wallpaper.


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