First Snowfall in Vancouver

View from my terrace 001
View from my terrace

We had our first snow fall in the City last night. I woke up to extreme quiet and looked outside to a winter wonderland.  It is unusual for us to have snow this early in the season if at all downtown……so if this keeps up we will have fantastic ski conditions in Whistler!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

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  1. Looks beautiful, being from Denmark (but now living in Australia) I remember what it's like to wake up to new snow. There's just something special about it.

    Nice photo by the way. I like the geometry in the image.

  2. Anonymous20/11/10

    How beautiful! Thank you!

    It's sunny and 68 degrees (20 C) down here in Columbia, SC, USA ...

  3. patricia;
    Get your skis tuned..I am ready for the slopes...lunch at Chrystal Hut??/

  4. I know the elated feeling of seeing the first snow every year.
    Enjoy this winter and the skiing season. Sounds like you can't wait...

    Also your design for the Erickson Building is amazing. The views are fantastic.

    Hope all is well!

  5. lucky you patricia.
    i miss the snow terribly.


  6. Oh how exciting to have snow. Here in Oz the temperatures are rising!

  7. Making it Beautiful21/11/10

    We had snow for one day only in Orillia Ontario - snowquall conditions, several inches of white on the ground and then it was all gone with the wind during the night.I think it put everyone in the shopping mood for Christmas.

  8. That looks so much fun and Christmassy...

    Nice view.

  9. I love snow~ just let me get the rest of my bulbs in first...

    Happy weekend!

  10. Do you live in "The Palisades"? I used to live there... it looks like the same garden.. anyways, I love snow in downtown and the mountains look even more beautiful at this time of the year!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  11. Ah yes I love the snow fall in Vancouver, hope it sticks around for the holidays, I'm in Banff and it's super cold bundle up and keep the little pup warm.


  12. Lisa Duxbury21/11/10

    Beautiful : )
    Love the reflecting ponds.
    Winnipeg had its 1st snowfall on Friday. As I look out the window over my computer, big fluffy flakes are coming down right now and the tall evergreen trees are heavy with snow.

  13. Lanell21/11/10

    Hi: Thanks for this...it sure'nuff just happened?
    Vancouver is beautiful any time of the year....as it is here on the river on the Gulf south of Houston. WE had snow 4 years ago! WE came home from Houston to see such a beautiful and pristine sight! Hope you have a good holiday.

  14. What a stunning image! Funny how just a dusting of snow can be more beautiful than thick banks of it. The terrace looks like it would be elegant even if doused in sleet and rain, too!

  15. Love your photos Patricia. Living in Australia snow is not a regular event. When it does snow though people come out of the woodwork and walk the streets talking to each other in a way that wouldn't otherwise happen.

  16. Bueno, todavía por aquí no hace tal frio. Tadavía se soporta.
    Lindo todo.

  17. Wow - not sure if I'm quite ready for snow - we're still in the 60s but it certainly looks beautiful!

  18. Anonymous23/11/10

    I just love that picture!

  19. Portland OR Appliance Repair23/11/10

    We got our first snowfall the last few days as well in the other Vancouver - Washington state.

  20. What a fantastic view you have, specially now with the snow.
    Wonderful pic.

  21. From your view up there, those look like baby cakes with white powder on top of them. Brings a smile to my face.

  22. the babies are a must!!!
    they are darling as well.

    and they absolutely must have chic things to wear.

    merry merry xxx

  23. I have read above blogs Vancouver is beautiful any time of the year as it is here on the river on the Gulf south of Houston.

  24. wow its Funny how just a dusting of snow can be more beautiful than thick banks of it. The terrace looks like it would be elegant even if doused in sleet and rain.


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