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 Classic McGuire Circa 1973
Classic McGuire Circa 1973

McGuire Furniture is celebrating it's 60th Birthday and they have just introduced a new collection of furniture for the Kitchen.  For those of you who aren't familiar with this Company, it was founded in 1948 in San Francisco by John and Elinor McGuire. When I was in Design School I will never forget rendering McGuire's glass topped octagonal black bamboo table surrounded by Cane chairs.  You can never go wrong with purchasing McGuire.  It is a time tested and proven classic, as I am sure their new Kitchen Series will be, for generations to come. 

McGuire glass topped Octagonal Black Bamboo Table Circa 1985

McGuire glass topped Octagonal Black Bamboo Table Circa 1985 

McGuire Kitchen Chairs
New Kitchen line Circa 2008

McGuire Kitchen ChairsMcGuire Danish Kitchen Chairs

Slatted Chair in Walnut or Oak                                        Danish Chair 

McGuire Woven Shelter Kitchen Chairs  McGuire Woven Shelter Kitchen Chairs

Woven shelter chair or barstool                       

McGuire Walnut Swivel Counter Stool

Walnut Swivel Counter Stool

McGuire Chaparral Table McGuire  Heritage Table

Chaparral Table                                                                 Heritage Table

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  1. Love love love the "Shelter" stool-a nice transitional piece. Texture, comfort and sleekness...I like!

    You are a sourcing whiz Patricia :)


  2. Patricia, I ABSOLUTELY love these!! I am going through a "Modern Africa" decorating phase and some of these pieces fit just right in! Thanks for giving me ideas and resources to work with!
    -Jen from Folie a Deux

  3. So glad to read this great Post.
    I always loved McGuire, even when I did not know it was hot! And hot sure it still is! Going back many years... in 1984, still living in Milan...I bought a McGuire dining table at Lyda Levi's store, at the time one of the best milanese furniture stores.
    My table followed me across the ocean to Vancouver a few years later when I moved to the New World(along with other furniture, paintings, my piano and so many other things I could not leave behind, including hundreds of books).
    A few years later I bought new chairs, of course McGuire, at
    William Switzer's in Vancouver. The chairs were upholstered with Manuel Canovas fabric and they are still, twenty years later, so comfortable that after dinner my guests never want to leave the table! Is it the food? the wine? the chair?
    Now a top Designer validates my choice. I feel even happier!

  4. Anonymous23/11/08

    Cara Patricia,

    The bar stools - just great! Bacione, Ingrid

  5. That first rendering is frame worthy!

  6. I'm loving the swivel walnut counter stools. Nice!

  7. Anonymous24/11/08

    Like my friend Albarosa, I fell in love with MaGuire the first time I ever saw it, in 1986 or so, at their San Francisco showroom. Come to think of it, I'd seen their work earlier, in the 70s, at a friend's home in Pt Grey. But it was a particularly handsome pair of living room chairs, matching Ottoman and octagonal coffee table I saw in SF and vowed to get as soon as I could afford them, which I could and did a few years later. I still have them, though I've re-stained them darker and changed the fabric from a striking Bargello-like Robert Allen (Pryor) fabric (which I can't bear to throw away) to a lusciously soft light brown leather. What's wonderful about Maguire is their dedication to true craftsmanship.

  8. The stools are great and the round tables are stunning! I agree with Michelle you are a sourcing whiz.

    Iván Meade

  9. Great post! It is so great to be reminded of companies and design that truly stand the test of time!

    The walnut swivel bar stools....to die for! Here's to another 60 years of McGuire Furniture! :)

  10. The original 1973 image is just fabulous as is the furniture.xv

  11. Anonymous6/12/08


  12. Anonymous26/12/08

    Great post!
    I have never been in Italy Thanks
    I love how your posts seem to take us with you on your trip

  13. Anonymous26/12/08

    Thanks for giving me ideas and resources to work with!
    bought a McGuire dining table at Lyda Levi's store, at the time one of the best milanese furniture stores

  14. Anonymous29/12/08

    Thanks for the post!!

  15. Anonymous29/12/08

    These are great for the kitchen.

  16. Anonymous8/10/12

    I have a wheat sheaf mcguire rattan table. I actually want to paint it a gloss black or navy. As an interior decorator, would you strongly discourage that?


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