My Vision of Heaven

A beautiful door, sunshine, a pea gravel garden path! 

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  1. what is it about a pea gravel driveway,
    or pathway in a garden?

    it must be the small crunching sound it makes.

    i love your snap.

  2. I like this vision of heaven! Looks peaceful, inviting & like God has cool design taste.

  3. Oh, I agree. There is something about a pea gravel path, isn't there? And those windows! Wow.

    xo Terri

  4. It is a glimpse of heaven.
    Thank you for introducing us to the work of this amazing photographer,he has several other images too that fall in this same category - heavenly

  5. The view is a focal point on axis. An enfilade, a view thru to a view.

    A simple , and effective, landscape design tool.

    Yes, gravel/door are nice but the photographer chose the enfilade.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  6. Wnet on a long walk late last noght in the mountains.... found myself drifting to the gravel roads... all to hear the crunching sound under foot. It brings you to a place of tranquility.

  7. Bellissimo blog, passa anche tu a trovarmi

  8. I love this picture.... It feels like you're in Belgium.

    Have a great day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  9. Heavenly ... yes
    Love his portfolio too

  10. Believe me, I have this door saved in my computer, it's one of my favorites.
    Lovely sunny post.

  11. My vision of heaven too! :)

  12. Good morning Patricia.
    I subscribe to your blog and saw this yesterday and thought, hmmmm, what wonderful, tranquil, meditative corner of the world has Patricia wandered off to for a bit of r&r? Perhaps the Biltmore in Phoenix or a spa in California?
    Well I see the source and can certainly understand your admiration for the photographer & the locale. Thank you for sharing.
    xo Lisa

  13. SO beautiful!! I have always wanted to incorporate a wall/window or even door like this into a house - and the shadows - really lovely!!

  14. In our new home we have a huge wasll of windows and I love it. I'm a tad concerned it will bleach out my fabrics and wood floors with so much sunlight but it's just so pretty!

  15. Heavenly indeed!Very simple yet so relaxing interior design.

  16. Andros23/3/11

    Absolutely wonderful, natural light through the windows what stands out for me.

  17. This place is so beautiful, I really love it, nice picture. Thanks.

  18. I too am saving this as the door of my dreams. And the garden it might open out onto ;)

  19. Although it's a little bit blur,I would say that the photo has offered a chance to imagination for all the viewers.

  20. el mundo en un espejo11/4/11

    What a wonderful place!!! Great!!!

  21. Nice View! what a beautiful place! Thank for sharing!

  22. i love ur blog and ur picture .... iam an interior design to but i finshed my studies overseas (egypt) and then moved to Australia and i find it so hard to find a job cuz i didnt study here:(.
    but i really love pictures.
    interior design is my passion.

  23. Hi Patricia,

    Love your vision of heaven,it is the perfect place to meditate,the light playing shadows on the walls and on the floor through this beautifully designed glass facade is surreal and brings a feeling of plenitude.

    Thank you for the lovely moment.


  24. Jaipur Property18/8/11

    this is SO beautiful!! I have always wanted to incorporate a wall/window or even door like this into a house - and the shadows - really lovely....

  25. Hi Patricia, wow, this is a beautiful image! My favourite doors & windows are steel and glass, and the colour of the light is wonderful too! I love your blog, I have just started one of my own... Hope to see you soon, Brad


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