10 Things to do in New York in the Summertime

1. Sit on the grass roof terrace at Lincoln Center. This stylish sloping green lawn is situated on top of a restaurant at the recently remodelled Lincoln Center and overlooks Lincoln Center’s reflecting pool and Henry Moore sculpture. The night I was there was a perfect summer night and the bonus was it was a full moon which hung in the sky with the city scape of New York below it. I had a hard time leaving.

2. Visit Vicente Wolf. I met Vicente when he was in Vancouver this Spring and he invited me to drop in and see him when I next in New York. He showed me around his office and then his showroom which is packed with treasures that he purchases on his yearly trips to exotic locations.

Vicente Wolf New York Showroom
3. See a play in the theatre district. This time I saw Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre. It is the story of the Wizard of Oz long before Dorothy drops in, and the relationship of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch. It was a great show. Be sure to dress up and have a nice dinner before the theatre, as I think it makes the experience all the more special.

Wicked NYC Curtain                                        A close-up picture I took of the curtain before the show started
4. Have dinner at:
La Esquina in Soho 
You have to walk down a flight of stairs and through the kitchen to get to the restaurant. Book well in advance as it is very popular. It is the best Mexican food I have had outside of Mexico. I was told by a friend to try the deep fried Crickets. I was happy when I was told that they were no longer on the menu so I didn’t have to lie and say I had them. They also have a selection of over 200 premium tequilas. The waiters wore red t-shirts with ‘SEXICO’ on the front. 

Le Colonial in the Upper East Side
The ambiance of French Colonial Vietnam (Indo Chine) of the 1920’s has been recreated in this two storey townhouse, decorated with black and white period photos, ceiling fans, lush potted palms. I had one of their signature dishes - Vietnamese crisp-seared whole red snapper with a light, spicy and sour sauce. Yummm!

5. Have lunch at Bergdorf Goodman’s restaurant, decorated by Kelly Wearstler and overlooking Central Park. 

6. Shop, shop, shop
My favourite street is Madison. I start at Barneys at 61st and walk up to 70th and then down 70th to visit one of the most beautiful galleries in New York - the Frick, with a stop at the Nespresso Boutique between 65th & 66th for an Iced Latte and the best quiche outside of Paris. This trip I also “did Soho” and discovered some new stores:

7. Walk Central Park South East
I never knew this pond was here in Central Park. As we were walking back to our Hotel after our shop, shop, shop afternoon, I saw the trail lead into Central Park – you enter off of 5th Ave and 60th Street. In a few short moments we were transported into another world – a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is situated below street level, and  the noises of the city are left behind. We were able to walk through the lush park almost all the way back to our Hotel. 

NY Central Park South

8. Visit Francine at Interieurs. Francine is a friend of mine that I met through the Blogosphere. One of the highlights of my visits to New York is to visit her at her wonderful store and then go out to dinner together. Francine has one of the most outstanding roof decks in all of New York where she hosts many parties in the summer. There is never enough time to catch up on everything. She is busy working out with a personal trainer to prepare herself for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September.

Interieurs NYC

9. Have drinks at the Empire Hotel which is where Gossip Girls is filmed and has the official drink Cocktail List of the ‘Gossip Girls’ TV show with catchy names like: I’m Chuck Bass – Dewar’s Scotch, Red Apple, Ginger Bites and Apple Cider. You can read the Cocktail list here.

10. Visit MoMA
Get there early especially if you go on the weekend. We arrived at 10:30 on Sunday morning with a short line-up and by the time we left at 12:30 the line-up outside was down the street and around the corner. I head up to the top floor (and work my way down) to see my favourite painting – Monet’s Water Lilies which I could feast my eyes on forever. It is an amazing 42 feet in length. Tip: This trip I purchased a membership which is very cost effective and means you don’t have to stand in a line-up.

Monet Water Lilies MoMA

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  1. Next time I need to visit NY with you :)

  2. Lanell26/8/11

    oh, hi, glad you are back. Did enjoy the tale of your visit, New York, one city I haven't yet seen. I went to Paris this spring with my daughter and grand daughter, but had broken my ankle 3 weeks before. So it was a little hard on me. But enjoyed it again from a new perspective, that from the mind of an 8 year old. Saw Giverney, Monet's home and garden, was worth all the suffering. I plan to keep your article in anticipation of going to New york and Washington next year. Sincerely, Lanell

  3. Thank you for this information. I have been to New York - but haven't tried any of these restaurants.
    Your walk through Central Park sounds wonderful!

  4. It is these kind og posts,blogs which help many people who are not aware of the Big Cities.

  5. I have always loved Monet but your photo amazed me! I had no idea of the size of that piece. Beautiful!

  6. Great ideas...knew of some of them but I must visit Interieurs when I am there in couple weeks! Thanks.

  7. Sean L28/8/11

    Great post! I'm so happy to have taken this trip with you and seen all these great things. I defiantly look forward to visiting New York again.

  8. Yes, my home town is filled with visual stimuli at every corner. Thanks for confirming some of my fav hot-spots as well as pointing out some I'll have to checkout. NYC is the greatest city anywhere + I hope you + your readers will come back soon to: enjoy, shop + experience our culture.

  9. Audrey29/8/11

    Hi Patricia…. Thanks for the wonderful tips on visiting New York. Unfortunately our trip to New York will have to wait for another time. We are leaving for Palm Desert on Sept. 3rd and home on Sept. 17th. It is hot down there, but we want to do a few things to our place…… Audrey

  10. New York is one of those cities you can never get enough of. Thanks for sharing your latest adventure there. Some great design and restaurant tips. My daughter and I flew to NYC last year to celebrate her graduation - oh the fun we had. I can't wait to go back.

  11. Great list, wish I was in ny!

  12. Great list, may ry one or 2 of these next time I am there :)

  13. Yes, I love New York. I agree with your point about spending summer in the Big Apple.

  14. I am amzed at the size of the waterlilies too, and I'd love to know how many of them there are. I was in Paris last October at the Monet Musueum and there's three huge circular rooms with the waterlilies on all sides. The scale of them is astounding, and they are so so beautiful.
    Loved this NY post, if I ever get there again from Australia I'm going to put your restaurants on my list. Especially the Mexican one. Sexico!

  15. Thanks for the tips, makes me want to be in NY city today!

  16. If you can't get out of New York during summer then this is a very valuable list to do in NY during summer. I love the humor in your writing. Thanks!

    S. Paolo @ Murano Chandeliers

  17. just got done checking out your "Ten Thins to do in New York in the Summertime" and I loved it!

  18. Thank you for the tips! I spent 6 months in NYC and haven't done most of these!

  19. New York! New York
    Oh! How I love the Big Apple!
    I have been to N /Y a couple of times, and would love to go back to visit. I am a retired Interior Designer in Australia, and am now writing my blog about my visits to this wonderful city....Bravo Patricia for bringing back great memories to me x

  20. What awesome tips, really need to try and do some of these next summer!

  21. Yes I still want to hear all about my favourite part of the world New York!
    Watch out for famous 83 year old photogragher namely Mr Bill Cunningham, who is riding around New York City on his bike clicking away capturing the city's high street fasjon.
    I am waiting here in Australia for the Documemtory about his life and career in his beloved Manhattan. I think I feel a story coming along on my 'Painted Page' blog.
    Patricia, I love your work, no matter where is is!........Happy Christmas All!

  22. Try highline it's most enjoyable

  23. Alice Andrews16/4/12

    New York is one of my favourite places to be! It sounds so cliché but I love New York. All of your suggestions are great! Especially the shopping bit! Love Barneys! Last year me and my sister booked one of the serviced apartments new york has to offer and it was the best three weeks! We shopped till we dropped! And that wasn’t even the best bit. We went rowing in central park, we ate oysters at Grand Central! You are right about central park – it really does get you away from the hustle and bustle!

    I also love how in every district you have a different type of food stand on every corner! And the Bagel shops where you can have ANYTHING in your bagel! The high line is also like nothing I have ever seen before! The meandering paths and wild flowers juxtaposed against the railway below.

    Thanks for the post and reminding me of the great few weeks I spent in the city. Bookmarked this post in case I ever go back! Fingers crossed!


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