Vicente Wolf and Inuit Art in Vancouver

I had the pleasure of spending time with Vicente Wolf on his trip to Vancouver where he spoke at the Buildex convention. Albarosa Simonetti had put together an itinerary of Native Art Galleries and we spent the afternoon looking for Inuit dolls made of Caribou antler for Vicente’s private collection. As well as showing Vicente the sights of Vancouver we had lots of time to talk about design, travel, photography and share stories.

Patricia Gray, Vicente Wolfe, Albarosa Simonetti at Buildex Vancouver

Patricia Gray, Vicente Wolf at Inuit Gallery Vancouver

Narwhal Gallery: Samonie Toonoo - Hockey Player Inuit Caribou Antler Dolls

These Inuit dolls carved from Caribou antler which is a renewable resource, shed by the animal annually, have the arms and legs attached with sinew. Their antecedence is in ancient Inuit history, and were often the only toy that a small girl would have. They are absolutely charming in their simplicity. I would not have known about them were it not for Vicente’s passion for collecting.

imageVicente Wolfe Collection of Inuit Dolls in his Montauk home

Top 2 photos: Albarosa Simonetti Photo 3 Photo Credit Bottom Photo Credit


  1. Patricia, how exciting for you! Aren't you adorable and isn't Vicente dashing? Hope you had fun. I have one of those dolls brought to me by an archaeologist friend who worked up north.

    I love that Vicente has such depth in his personal decor.

  2. My mind is still spinning about the exceptional opportunity we had to meet Vicente Wolf, hear him talking at Buildex and knowing him better as a person. For me absorbing what both of you had to say was even more rewarding and I learned so much! Thanks Patricia, thanks Vicente!

  3. When it comes to a designer, Vicente is the person I'd really love to meet and learn from.

    He's pure in his design and that's what makes him to be so interesting.

    Thank you so much for telling us how it was being with VW in Vancouver. What a "trio", huh? :-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  4. Patricia, What a great time. One of my favorite things in life is getting to know people of like interests, who can expose me to something new and interesting. I think you need an Inuit doll!!

  5. Thank you for sharing Patricia!

    Beautiful handcrafted goods are so delightful~

  6. Very exciting, Patricia! I wish I could have been at Buildex to hear the talks. I am glad you had such a wonderful time with Vicente.

  7. Jessica from LA3/3/11

    Hi Patricia
    Vicente Wolfe is one of my favorite designers, of course along with you. It is great to see 2 great design icons together.

  8. Can't wait to take a museum and gallery tour with you as my personal guide!!Looking forward to seeing you at ICFF, we have a couple of dinners planned at the showroom and hope you can attend and perhaps if you have time, lunch in the country?? the roses will be in bloom. A bientot, my friend.

  9. Bette9/3/11

    Loved seeing you in the photo with Vicente. I have his books at my beach house.
    He seems like a wonderful man, as well as a talented designer.

  10. Dwaina15/3/11

    Also green green green with envy re: your time with Vincent Wolfe. I love his work and his blog and and and ... ! I am sure it was a delightful time with him - lucky you.
    I was in Mexico during the Buildex so I am some what comforted about missing Vincent in Vancouver... but only somewhat.

  11. Hi Patricia,

    I recently discovered your blog...and your website. Your work is beautiful. I'm a designer with a primary focus on contemporary interiors so I really enjoy admiring the talent of someone like yourself.

    Also really enjoyed your entry featuring the dogs. Is your Nicole a Yorkie?


    Kathleen Winter
    From Minnesota!

  12. Tom Saaristo9/9/12

    I discovered your amazing blog while looking for Inuit Dolls! What a treasure to have found them but even more so, your wonderful blog!


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