A Passion for Doors

Below is a collage of some photos of doors that I took on my recent trip to Venice and the Island of Giudecca, which sparked the talented artist Fifi to paint her rendition below. Well done Fifi!!! Check out her Blog Posting here where she shows two more of my travel photos rendered to perfection. As you all might know I have a passion for doors.

"I love doors... Front doors are the first impression the world has of your home and as the saying goes:
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Patricia Gray

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  1. Fifi is doing some wonderful art work on the design blogs! Congrats Fifi - !! Great job.


  2. Anonymous22/8/08

    If you like doors you should like www.built-in-art.com
    Francois, Paris, France

  3. Anonymous23/8/08

    Very inspiring post about the doors! I am in the proces of having to decide on the final details for the entrance of my new showroom. I will need to create a panelling and doorknob. A beautiful handmade wrought-iron grille has been made to on the side windows.
    I just checked the tip from Francois...a great site! Will send you an image of endresult of my double door entry.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Ron/The Netherlands.

  4. I always take pictures of doors and knockers on my trips abroad and love to see that my passion isn't unique. I should put them compile them one day like these ones.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ooh, I share your passion. There is something so intriquing about doors. There is a house nearby that I often pass, a stone house on a hill, in the middle of some leafy, old trees with a rough brick driveway, great old windows, and a deep pure blue door. I never see a soul around the place, but it is so inviting to me because of that wonderful door.

  6. @Joni
    Doesn't Fifi do amazing work. Her watercolors add so much more depth and perception to the original photo.

    Thanks for the link. Ron/Netherlands found it useful.

    Thanks for commenting

    Please compile them and do a posting. Let me know.

    What a beautiful picture you have painted for me with your description of this house with the blue door. Please share a picture of it.

    Thanks for stopping by from the Netherlands. The entrance to your new showroom sounds interesting. Please keep in touch and send me a picture when it is done.

  7. Each one of the doors is beautiful-- I tried to determine which is my favorite but couldn't select just one.

  8. @Neutral Dwelling
    I know what you mean. Fifi culled these pictures from so many and was able to put them together so beautifully.

  9. Doors, doors and more doors,please!
    They really put that extra touch to your house, different ones too, I believe.
    And Yes, Fifi is a master.....I would kill to be able to draw like her // Ingela

  10. G'day from Australia,

    Came here through Neutral Dwelling's site. As a photographer and painter, I really enjoyed this post.

    I'll be passing through Vancouver in two days. It's such a great city.

  11. @Love your Homes
    Hi Ingela
    glad you are so supportive of my love for doors and for Fifi's artwork.

    G'day to you in Australia. Thanks for dropping by and commenting and I hope you have a wonderful stay in Vancouver!!

  12. Wonderful! I love the photos and the art work!

  13. Hi Willow
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  14. what beautiful doors. i want want but i don't think my associate will approve. i wonder.

  15. I knew that was a Fifi painting. She painted a few of my roses! Great post!!!

  16. Patricia, I love doors too! What a great quote to go with it about first impressions :)


  17. An inspiring collection of doors! Fifi has done an amazing job. Amanda

  18. Hi Saavy
    You never know, maybe the associate will approve.

    Hi Teal
    I must check your blog to see those roses.

    Hi Alkemie
    Glad you liked the quote. 1st impressions..are important.

    Hi Oliveaux
    Thanks for dropping in from Australia.

  19. Great point about the good first impression - love the doors you chose. Great artwork Fifi!

  20. Awesome! Both the photos and the artworks. Those doors are so charming. I luv it!!!

  21. Anonymous26/8/08

    We couldn't agree more with the importance of starting to build the ambiance and beautiful design at the front door of a home. I think the front door falls into that category of details that are too often overlooked, but when done right, can dramatically impact the exterior of a home.

  22. Hi Porchlight & Ann
    thanks for your comment

    Hi Brown Design
    I agree that the front door is often neglected. They can be the appetizer, so to speak.

  23. A good front door is a must!
    I adore Fifi's work.

  24. Hi to you in Argentina Karina

  25. How lovely!! The doors you chose are gorgeous!!!

  26. Patricia, come over to my blog for a giveaway!! I think you will like the prize:)


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