The Island of Giudecca


A Special Hi to all of you from Venice.  I arrived on the Island of Giudecca on Saturday.  The yellow paper lanterns were lining the canal in anticipation of the annual fireworks that night called Rendentore.  My first stop on our all-day tour was the famous Hilton Mulino Stucky, that had an almost 360 degree view of Venice from the rooftop garden and pool.

 image Venice Day 1 013

The day was hot...34 degrees and 56 per cent humidity, but that didn't stop me from having my breath taken away by all the beauty surrounding me!

Venice Day 1 019 Venice Day 1 021

Venice Day 1 028 Venice Day 1 026

Venice Day 1 151

Venice Day 1 018 Venice Day 1 015

A view down one of the interior canals on Giudecca (left)
A view of the promenade (right)

Venice Day 1 029 Venice Day 1 031
This was an espaliered vine that covered a marble wall on the roof top of the Mulino Stucky

 Venice Day 1 043
A type of bean ever so gracefully opening out of the most delicate flower

Venice Day 1 014

A view down one of the alleys.  There was a abundance of greenery and flowers almost everywhere.

image   image

The reflections of the sun on the water are so ethereal and cast a spell on you.

image  image

A view from the window in the Mulino Stucky Hotel (left)
The sunlight shining through a window in my Hotel (right)

image image

The island of Giudecca is not a popular tourist destination.  It is mainly occupied by residents, so it was so pleasant to stroll the sidewalks next to the canals and the back alleys.  We virtually only saw the locals.




image Venice Day 1 154


  A view across the lagoon to Venice taken from a cafe we stopped to have an espresso. 

 image image

They even have graffiti, but I particularly was taken with the soft muted colors - so tasteful. (right photo)


The colors were vibrant

Venice Day 1 086

The flowers were magnificent.  The Venetians take such pride in their homes.

image image

This was washing strung out to dry in the hot sun.

image  image

Doors and windows were so attractive

Venice Day 1 046

Stairways over intersecting canals

Venice Day 1 050  Venice Day 1 051

 Venice Day 1 060

Venice Day 1 077 Venice Day 1 080

Venice Day 1 079 Venice Day 1 083

Venice Day 1 090

Venice Day 1 081

Venice Day 1 114 Venice Day 1 124
These were some contemporary housing projects we visited on the tour

Venice Day 1 123

Venice Day 1 119

Venice Day 1 136  Venice Day 1 150

Fresh fish market that was setting up for the day

 Venice Day 1 140

A delicate squash blossom


To be continued.............Ciao for now!!!!


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  1. What lovely pictures you took of Venice! I am inspired by your love of doors and I
    spied a couple on the way home from school last night and some more out strolling
    with Laura after dinner.

  2. Albarosa22/7/08

    Thank you for transporting me to Venezia, my favourite city, with your beautiful pictures.
    You may know already that you are a great photographer...as per Zucchini flowers...when I found some here (rarely) I stuff them with mozzarella and anchovies, put in a batter and deep fry them.
    I can't wait to read about Milano (but after so many gorgeous sites you may be

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. I feel like I was just there days ago! Thank you for taking me back to Venice! We just adored our time there. Looks like you are, too! :)

  4. Awww! Just beautiful. I'm just dying to get out of the city -- thanks for the little escape at my computer!!

  5. bonnie24/7/08

    Do enjoy your blog so much, and delighted that you are having such a wonderful time.
    I am sure you will hate to leave.

  6. Ooooh all these posts make me want to go abroad- I've never been! Looks like you are having a great time.

  7. Bongiorno Patricia ...thank you for sharing your pictures with us .I definitely have to go back to Venezia , pretty soon ...
    I love so much this city ...I love la dolce vitta

  8. I'm so impressed that you are blogging while on vacation ... in Italy! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Greetings Patricia!
    THANK YOU!! This has been good for my soul to see these stunning photographs. I feel like I'm with you! Have wonderful holidays!
    Your blog looks Great!


  10. Patricia, You look so darn happy and complete. Gosh! I love the photo of the clothesline. Darling.

  11. Thanks again for sharing with us.....until next time, Ingela

  12. Your recent blog entry reminds me of how good life can be. I'm also an Interior Designer from Vancouver with a European door fetish. I am off to Amsterdam and Paris next month and you have me dreaming of my time away already. Thanks :)

  13. you got me drooling over Venice!

  14. What a splendid photo tour! I'm loving the wall-shadow shots, especially the hotel interior and the delightful clothesline.

    Safe travels as you continue on your way.

  15. WOW... loving your Italy posts... I am featuring a Tuscany painting series tomorrow... and I would love to use some of your photos for next Saturday in Venice post... let me know if this would be ok with you...
    ENJOY your trip!

  16. anne2/8/08

    completely charming & breathtaking...

  17. Patricia -- love those yellow lanterns :)

  18. Patricia, adored that you were able to post from Venice. The photos are lovely, lovely, and you look so relaxed and happy!

  19. Wow! I'm absolutely mesmerized! Gorgeous photos. I'm so glad I found your blog and can't wait to see what's to come!


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