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After coming back from Italy and navigating the Internet in a foreign language I realized how important it was to be able to read articles in my native language. It made me think of all my foreign visitors who may want to read my posts in their own language. So for all of you whose language of origin isn't English I have added this nifty "Translator".

Please let me know if your are using this feature and if you find it helpful........


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  1. That is a great idea... I should add one of those!
    BTW... I still plan on painting some of your photos... is there a particular one you'd like to see me paint... I have been so busy lately I have not been able to get back to Italy! And I adore your photos!
    Welcome home! Enjoy the weekend... Fifi

  2. albarosa simonetti18/8/08

    I am sorry to tell you this but
    I just tried to translate for fun and curiosity your Blog about Milan from English to Italian...I have to say that it is totally absurd, no grammar, no sintax, no respect for my mother tongue. But it could be excellent for a comic book or a movie that makes you laugh until you drop! It must be automatic, cibernetic, mechanical whatever translation (or by a person who does not speak italian but only some sort of dialect) and it reminds me of a Trattoria in Milan where "scampi" (italian for a kind of prawns), were translated as "escaped" in english since the italian verb "scampare" literally means "to escape".
    I am curious now to know about other people using it, it could be bad only in Italian.

  3. Hi Albarosa
    That's terrible news. I am so sorry. I will take it off my site and look for a better translator.
    Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful experiences,takes out the sting for those who were "homeward bound".How heavenly your trip sounds, despite the internet booking. I love all things Italian!


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