10 Things to do in Palm Springs

1.  Visit Old Town La Quinta
Old Town La Quinta is beautiful! The archways, the Saltillo tiles, the flowers, the mountains, every building is lovely to look at. It is an experience, not just pulling up to some strip center on the highway. The bogenvilia was beautiful climbing up the columns.  I love Saltillo tiles, especially on star risers.

Old Town La Quinta 
Old Town La Quinta Palm Springs
Old Town La Quinta Porsche
This is definitely my car of choice to drive in Palm Springs
Old Town La Quinta Saltillo Tiles 
Old Town La Quinta Saltillo tiles on stair risers

Carthusia Note Fiori di Capri Room Spray 
Carthusia Note Fiori di Capri Home fragrance left /Caldi Caldi Boutique Old Town La Quinta Palm Springs

Check-out the wonderful boutique Caldi Caldi. I was lured into this home furnishings store by the most delicious smelling scent from Capri called Note Fiori di Capri, which apparently was the home fragrance used by Jackie O when she was in Capri. Now every time I spray this scent I am transported to another world and time.

2.  Go on a Palm Springs Windmill Tour
When driving or flying into Palm Springs, one of the most striking sights you will see in the Coachella valley is the vast array of wind turbines that sprout from the desert floor. The words "wind turbine" have evolved into what the locals call windmills. My curiosity was piqued so we arranged a tour which was excellent.  Our tour guide Ken Huskey was very knowledgeable, with a lot of the facts and figures that went right over my head. But what did stick with me was how huge the windmills were close up.  To give you a perspective of the scale of these windmills (in the picture below on the left) if you look closely you can see the small figure of a maintenance person dangling from a wire.

Palm Springs WindmillsPalm Springs Windmills
Palm Springs Windmill Tour Coachella Valley
Palm Springs Windmill Tour at the Spa Resort & Casino.

3.  See a rainbow over the Palm Springs Desert mountains
It was unfortunate on this trip to Palm Springs that there were heavy rainfalls which resulted in flooding and the closure of many roads, but I was fortunate to see this beautiful rainbow one afternoon when the rain had stopped.

Rainbow over the Little San Bernardino Mountains Palm Springs
Rainbow over the Little San Bernardino Mountains Palm Springs

4.  Richard Avedon Photography Exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum

The Richard Avedon photography exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum runs through January 30, 2011 and showcases 90 black and white images of notable Avedon subjects including Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan and, of course, some of the Richard Avedon’s iconic shots of Dior’s early work.  I went to the Museum with friends not knowing what was showing. I have long admired Avedon’s photography from afar, so you can imagine my delight in being able to see his iconic photographs up close. His photography is mesmerizing and I had to be dragged out of the exhibit.  I quickly rushed into the Gift Shop and bought Avedon postcards and the Richard Avedon book Women in the Mirror, so I could continue to feast my eyes on his work.

Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum
           Richard Avedon, Self Portrait 1980 / Amazon Book: Women in the Mirror
 Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum
Richard Avedon, Twiggy 1968, gelatin silver print
   Richard Avedon Palm Springs Art Museum    
Richard Avedon, Dovima with elephants 1955, Evening dress by Dior

5. Look at Mid Century Modern Real Estate in Palm Springs

Mid Century Modern Real Estate Palm Springs
Mid Century Modern Real Estate Palm Springs

 Mid Century Modern Real Estate Palm Springs
Mid Century Modern Real Estate Palm Springs

6.  Shop at the Cabazon Outlet Mall

The prices and selection are fantastic!!  Some of my favourite stores are Tod’s, Gucci, Prada, Elie Tahari, Michael Kors, Dior, Ralph Lauren. 

Cabazon Outlet Mall Cabazon Outlet Mall Cabazon Outlet Mall

Cabazon Outlet MallCabazon Outlet Mall  
Cabazon Outlet Mall  Cabazon Outlet Mall

7.  Have supper at Jillian’s Restaurant on El Paseo Drive, Palm Desert

Jillian’s Restaurant is housed in a historic 1946 hacienda style building.  The building was originally built as Fort.  It is still intact complete with the artillery room in the rear.  At the front entrance at Jillian’s you can look at interesting pictures of it in the 40’s.  I found it amazing that when it was was built it was the middle of the desert with nothing around it.  That is hard to imagine today, as it is in the center of the busy and thriving Palm Dessert El Paseo Drive shopping area. Below is what I had for Supper at Jillian’s, which was absolutely delicious.  I think the Apple Dumpling has to be the best desert I have ever tasted!

Jillian's Restaurant El Paseo Dive Palm Desert

 Jillian's Restaurant El Paseo Dive Palm Desert

Tower of Fresh Crab 
Fresh Dungeness crab meat layered between diced avocado,
sweet tomatoes and toasted brioche

Rack of Lamb
Rack of Colorado Lamb rolled in Dijon herb crust,
roasted and presented on a fresh Rosemary scented demi glace

Apple Dumpling
A tart apple cored and filled with cinnamon and pecans, encased in puff pastry,
baked then drizzled with a luscious caramel sauce and served with vanilla bean ice cream

8. Visit the Salton Sea & Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve

Palm Springs Salton Sea 
Salton Sea

Thousand Palms Oasis Coachella Valley Preserve 
Thousand Palms Oasis Coachella Valley Preserve

9. Pick an orange from the tree

Palm Springs Fresh Oranges
Picking fresh, juicy, sweet oranges right from the tree.

10. Swim in Palm Springs Natural Hot Mineral pools
The pool I swam in had water that flows from springs 300 feet deep in the earth and comes out of the ground at 115 degrees Fahrenheit. These Palm Springs therapeutic pools claim to be beneficial for arthritis and back pain, heart and diabetes, weight loss and insomnia. What I like best is that the water is odorless and tasteless.  It is a treat to swim in water that doesn’t smell like chlorine. Palm Springs Natural Hot Mineral Pool

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  1. Anonymous24/1/11

    I could use the Hot Mineral Pools today!

  2. Dreaming about being there. As I said to you I will probably go for the Modernism Week. Can't wait, specially after seeing these images!

  3. Very nice post, thank you

  4. This post is gorgeous, that pool and those stais, fantastic.
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs from Brasil

  5. Oh, this is simply not fair! Here we are, in Cold Canada at -32C and you show me paradise? Ok.. ok... I guess I'm a little bit jealous! lol :-)

    I'd love to be there now... trust me! :-)

    Thank you for this post. I've learned a lot about it!

    Have a great week,

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. The Palm Springs Board of Tourism really should be paying you very well. You do an amazing job at making me salivate and search Expedia for good flight deals. I have never been, but the mid century architecture looks like it would be worth it to go there in itself! Definitely on my bucket list now! Thanks!

  7. you see I wish I lived in Palm Springs, just so I could say to people "oh I live in Palm Springs" - like that!

  8. Monika25/1/11

    After I had a look at your Palm Springs trip > I am 'home sick'.

    It reminds me so much on Spain! The orange trees > I had in the garden, the architecture , the colors and the smell of a dry earth...

  9. suzanne25/1/11

    Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for great posts, super visit in Palm Springs and discovering Stuart Membery


  10. Hi Patricia; Thanks for all you share on your blog. I so enjoyed seeing you and your Dad. Wanted to reach out and hug you both. Years ago Uncle Dave and I had the pleasure of attending a Road Builders convention in Palm Springs and I do remember waking up the first morning and opening the curtains and lo and behold there was an orange tree with ripe oranges. Lovely memories. Love Auntie Anne

  11. Patricia,
    Being a CA girl...this brings back many memories. Your trip looks like it was just perfect! Love that pool, beings that it is cold and damp here in Atlanta, I could use that about now!

  12. Patricia, I love Palm Springs and have had several of the same experiences.

    The menu you chose at Jillians, yum! The outlet stores. I still have a pair of St John flats...

    A great getaway!

    Art by Karena

  13. I Love the first one! La quinta!

    It has a beautiful portuguese style with some beautiful french funrniture inside!

  14. There's a lovely place to get the best ribs and sweet potato fries called Babe's! Or you can just go to Pat & Oscars for some salad and bread sticks. . .
    Apparently Palm Springs is all about eating for me!

  15. Very nice , nice post ,
    I'd like that you visit-me

  16. This post was wonderful!

  17. I so want to be in Palm Springs right now enjoying all of the wonderful sights and gorgeous weather!!

  18. This is such a tease as i cancelled my trip for the modernist week...Would love to meet you there next time you visit...Vegas was certainly no Palm Spring!
    Luke is fuming, cursing, threatening to leave everyone behind and moving to sunny weather as we are in the midst of yet another snowstorm. highest record of snow ever for Connecticut...so i better not show him your post..shoveling is great for his specs though...

  19. what a great post introducing a beautiful destination..if I do ever get there I now know what to do thanks:)

  20. Absolutely love the archtecture n Palm Springs.

  21. Next time you are there - I have to visit you. I can see that you could be a great tour guide ;)

  22. Beautiful place! Sound like you had a great trip! Thanks for the pic!

  23. cheryl4/2/11

    Hello Patricia,

    Just a note to tell you that I throughly enjoyed your blog and your website. Thank you for the inspiration. We all need muse now-a-days in the light of the current events. Thank GOD for beauty!


  24. Hi Cheryl
    Here is a beautiful quotation for you: The best and most beautiful
    things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in
    the heart. -Helen Keller

  25. cheryl6/2/11

    I have taught the blind how to sculpt.....their appreciation was felt in my heart.
    Thank you.

  26. Wow. your blog is amazing n good informative blog post about home improvement.

  27. It all sounds so wonderful! Especially, the Swim in Palm Springs Natural Hot Mineral pools !

  28. oh my! thanks for the lovely escape today! I could use a hot mineral pool swim today.... love the mid century modern homes :)

  29. Will definitely go there someday - beautiful photos.

  30. The only thing I would add is a visit to the Parker. I have always wanted to go there.
    Thanks very much for a wonderful "to do" list!

  31. Anonymous1/4/11

    Typical top 10 list but i liked to read this one really. thanks for sharing as a colleague. Happy days

  32. I love the Saltillo tiles on the stair risers! Have you heard of Tabarka tiles? They are some beautiful hand painted terra cotta tiles, and would look beautiful on stair risers too!

  33. Saltillo tile is a type of terra-cotta tile that originates in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

    Tabarka tile refer to a generic tile that is manufactured from terra cotta.

  34. I love all of the Mid Century Modern homes in Palm Springs. This is a great list of things to do; I visit there often and haven't even done some of these activities. The natural hot mineral pool sounds amazing! Once you go to Palm Springs you'll fall in love, I did. Last time I was there I met a realtor from Patrick Stewart Properties; I figure if I keep going it might be smart to invest in some Palm Springs real estate.

  35. A beautiful collection of photos. Ah, summer vacation. I miss it. Great blog, your an inspiration!!


  36. Waltona9/3/12

    Where is that pool? It looks fabulous!

  37. This is great Patricia. I've done most of these and Joshua Tree National Park is interesting too. We also love sitting outside at night at The Daily Grill on El Paseo Drive (Order the Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta...my favorite).


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