Weekend In Paris

Hervé Pierre,Toast Soldiers, Three Minute Boiled Egg, Homemade Blackberry Jelly   
Toast Soldiers and 3 Minute Boiled Egg
This picture is my inspiration for Sunday brunch, when I like to take my time and read the New York Times,
over a leisurely breakfast of three minute boiled eggs and, toast soldiers with homemade blackberry jelly. 
I am going to cut my toast into strips like this and serve on my best china!

Postscript comment from Herve Pierre the owner of this plate: The plate was made on Bastille Day 1789 !!!! its in the back of the plate ! the man who made it signed and put the date, didn't know at the time that it would became eventually a famous day !!!

Hervé Pierre, Sevres Porcelain / Laduree Macaroons 
Macarons from Ladurée in Paris
And then for Sunday afternoon tea, this silver tray of goodies looks delightful. 
This tea-service porcelain is from the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres and is an exact replica
of those made in the eighteenth century. The macarons are from Ladurée in Paris. The best thing
about them, as well as being delicious and melt in your mouth, are the beautiful colors.

Macarons: Small, round cakes, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle,
are made every morning in Ladurée’s "laboratory". 
Hervé Pierre, Evian, confiture, foie gras, Céte d’Or chocolate 
To live as if you were in Paris, in your refrigerator, you need Evian, confiture, foie gras, and
Céte d’Or chocolate, which friends know to bring back for Pierre from France.

con·fi·ture (n) A confection, preserve, or jam
foie gras (n) A pate made from goose liver (marinated in cognac) and truffles

Credits & Photos: The Selby, NY Mag  - The New York lower Fifth Avenue condo of Hervé Pierre, the creative director of Carolina Herrera.

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  1. beautiful pictures and beautiful china! I love the colorful macarons in the second photo

  2. What a great plan for the weekend! Is there anything better than how you described your Sunday? Great inspiration.

  3. Beautiful pictures Patricia.
    I want to spend a Sunday like this too only IN Paris :)

  4. Beautiful pictures - and toast soldiers are best possible accompaniment to boiled eggs. True nursery food!

  5. Anonymous8/7/10

    I love toast and Paris.

  6. Anonymous8/7/10

    the plate was made on Bastille Day 1789 !!!! its in the back of the plate ! the man who made it signed and put the date , didnt know at the time that it would became eventualy a famous day !!!
    thank you for the coments !! herve pierre

  7. Delectable! Soft boiled eggs with toast is my favorite breakfast. Whole Foods makes pretty good french-style macaroons in a variety of flavors; pretty and tasty.

  8. How scrumptiously beautiful! I love the strips of toast, I've never seen anything like it :)

  9. thx for your sharing~~^^

  10. Anonymous8/7/10

    The macaroons look like tiny pillows from a distance. The pics are truly opulently wonderful.

  11. lanell9/7/10


  12. Patricia,
    I love this glorious post filled with many of my favorite things!
    You have great taste my dear!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Lisa

  13. Kathy Andersen9/7/10

    Just love the toast & egg on such a gorgeous plate! Paris would be the icing on the cake!
    Kathy Australia

  14. It's so fun to have stories behind things we love and are drawn to. Everything has a history, either real or imagined. Your pics today inspire all kinds of little dreams and fantacies. Paris is lovely this time of year!

  15. I love the china. And the refrigerator---all of my favorites, except you neglected the smoked salmon.
    Thanks, Mary

  16. Jacqueline from the Netherlands10/7/10

    This comment was sent to me by a reader of my Blog who lives in the Netherlands about the sensitive issue of foie gras. I had no idea of the cruelty involved to the animal for the production of this product. It was not my intention to offend anyone with this article. Please accept my apologies.

    Dear Patricia, as an artist and stylist I always enjoy your newsletter.
    This time I was very surprised and disappointed that you promote the product foie gras which is considered as animal cruelty. As a resident of The Netherlands I am happy to say that the finest hotels and restaurants do not have foie gras on the menu anymore, their customers are too civilized to accept let stand consume this product and the hotels do not risk their reputation. I assume in the nearer future foie gras will be treated the same way. Please note the following


    culinary cruelty: undercover in Canada urge the Canadian government to stop the cruelty
    Farm Sanctuary and Global Action Network have just released new video footage taken by an undercover investigator of two more foie gras factory farms in Canada taken by an undercover investigator. In addition to the
    footage taken at Elevages Perigord released in July of this year, this new footage documents farm employees taking part in cruel or torturous acts on animals, in addition to the inherently cruel forced feeding that the
    animals endure daily. Combined these three foie gras factories make up 82% of the foie gras sold in Canada and 72% of the foie gras that is imported into the US. The photo and video evidence documenting these inhumane acts
    has been submitted to Canadian authorities - but your help is needed to push for prosecution and reform.

    Hope you will rectify your article and give people other suggestions for high class food.

    Thank you so much.
    Kind greetings Jacqueline

  17. Patricia, I have had the experience of a Parisian breakfast at your home and that homemade marmalade you have is the best and most addictive thing ever.

    Saturday Greetings!

  18. Gorgeous images Patricia. I love that fridge stocked with chocolate and water! Two essentials, non?!

    And those Laduree macarons. You know, I have tried to make them several times but they are never quite as good as the ones in Paris. My life goal is to make a perfect macaron. Okay, not my life goal, but you know what I mean...they give absolute pleasure - how can you not want to capture that?!

    xo Terri

  19. Blandine Mouren11/7/10

    Living in Paris besides the Manufacture de Sèvres galery, I love your photo with the tray, Sèvres porcelain and La Durée "macarons".
    I prepare this kind of great pleasure at times on Sunday morning...
    Look at http://french-lifestyle.com/
    and discover evenmore about Sèvres.

  20. elena s12/7/10

    i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute - love the pics! DEF following you ♡
    love the concept !

  21. Patricia,

    Looks fab and a great start as a room inspiration as well. Designer minds always enjoy visual pleasure first then followed by other senses. Great way to set the tone.


  22. thx for your sharing~~i will come back soon~~

  23. I. AM. Drooling!
    So beautiful and utterly Parisian chic!

  24. Living in Paris is Great and..i think i am in love with your fabulous pictures..!! LIVING IN PARIS

  25. Love the strips of toast. I feel inspired to take a fruit jam and whisk in a little bit of fruit juice--just to give it a smoother consistency. That way I could leisurely dip my toast into a 'jam dip', one strip at a time, and pretend I had all the time in the world...

  26. LittleBlackHome15/7/10

    Sigh. I'm a designer baby (new to blogland) and have yet to travel outside the states. Drat. For now though, I will close my eyes and have a pretend-I'm-in-Paris- moment...ahhh. Thanks for the pretty post Patricia!

  27. Sigh. I'm a designer baby (new to blogland) and have yet to travel outside the states. Drat. For now though, I will close my eyes and have a pretend-I'm-in-Paris- moment...ahhh. Thanks for the pretty post Patricia!

  28. Darrell17/7/10

    Your summaries are always top-notch. Thanks for keeping us apprised. I’m reading every word here.

  29. Oui Oui to everything! I love Paris and the pleasure they take in dining, hence the beauty of their wares. Lovely post.

  30. Such great pics, I love the egg and toast presentation, Have a sweet day!

  31. Anonymous18/7/10

    Lovely picture although, I can't help but correct you. I think you mean Macaron not Macaroon (the coconut-based confection). I've been obsessed with Macaron for the past year...hence my inablilty to leave this alone.
    Thanks for the wonderful bog!

  32. Hi Anon
    Thanks for pointing out the correct spelling of 'Macaron'. It is duly noted!

  33. Heyy !!
    Your blog is so nice !
    White and clean like mine ! Im a Brazilian interior design student with a new blog.
    And we share the same likes: travel and Interior design
    I loved the posts, beautiful pictures and great material, so inspiring to me !
    Im following you now.
    Bye byee

  34. Patricia,
    My mouth is watering over those delectable yummies! The china is so beautiful and I do like how the toast is arranged as well!

  35. Nice to read the content and pictures.

  36. That is a nice idea; I think my plan in this coming weekend will be like yours. I was inspired by your post. I love it so much. That is a great plan.

  37. Been reading your excellent blog for quite a few weeks now, and i am enjoying many of your excellent topics.
    Interior Designer New York

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. looks like delicious!!!
    greetings from spain

  40. amazing pictures and the food looks delicious

  41. those china looks so so so pretty

  42. ooooh la la weekend in Paris sounds DIVINE!!!!

  43. Love the toast soldier, just had tea at a friend's house and the cheddar was mounted this way,we also had macarons, looking at your post brought back warm memories.



  44. I like your site, it inspire me.. I hope you the greatest within your carrier..

  45. Thanks for this all beautiful picture.


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