These are a Few of My Favourite Things

My Motto is "When you live with beautiful things, you stimulate your mind, you enjoy life a little more."  
I have a tray in my bathroom that I look at everyday that holds some of my most favourite things. 
It makes me happy every time I look at it, and isn't that what makes life worthwhile to find beauty and happiness in the little things. 

  • The Ivory necklace that I got when I was on Safari in Africa brings back fond memories.

  • The little Hermes bag that is filled with fragrance samples that I got as a gift when I made a purchase at Hermes -the orange color and the delicate brown ribbon makes me smile.

  • My favourite fragrances: Jo Malone & Cartier.

  • The Louis Vuitton zippered case, lined in brown suede holds my favourite pieces of jewelry.

  • The engraved silver lidded bowl that holds my watch and bracelets at night.

  • The two crystal silver toped jars, the taller one is a Victorian sugar shaker that I have re-purposed to hold talcum powder and the smaller one is a vintage ink well that now holds a small portion of my favourite cream.

Why not try rounding up a collection of some of your favourite things that make you happy every time you look at them.



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  1. I love this! but your bathroom just bowls me over, it's gorgeous!!!

  2. I love that tray in your bathroom. And lucky me, I actually get to see your place in person from time to time :) Looking forward to Tuesday.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have a little collection like this that makes the heart sing? I think our little collections are always so unique, reflecting exactly us, all the things that make us who we are. We are each so different in exactly what we love and for what reason. All your things are beautiful and I can see how it would make you happy just to look upon them!

    I love that ivory necklace and the little crystal things - and the Hermes bag is delightful! And the Jo Malone - I bought a small bottle in Paris too and it's delectable..it was my first time trying it!

  4. You have an absolutely wonderful philosophy, and I love that you find joy in such seemingly small things. And I have to say that your silver topped bowl looks almost exactly like one that my grandmother keeps in her bathroom...you clearly have excellent taste!

  5. I've said it before; you are my inspiration when it comes to living with meaningful and beautiful things in my life.

    Thanks :)

  6. I think just walking into a beautiful bathroom like yours every morning would make me happy! Seriously... I do understand what your getting at... for me, I try to have favourite things spread around the house so that I see a little something every where I go. Usually these items remind me of people I love - and that makes me feel terrific! Because we've been renovating for the last year, a lot of those things are stored away in the attic... I think it's time to start unpacking!
    Victoria (one half of DesignTies)

  7. Patricia!!!!! I love your bathroom!! Your favorite things are gorgeous too. Love the tray & the way you displayed it.

    Also, what is the huge leaf you have? I always see them & love them.

    beautiful! xoxo

  8. Your blog is one of my favorite things.
    xo xo

  9. Your favorite things are inspirational. It is so true, life is always a little better when you sorround yourself with the things that you love and perhaps make you smile. I adore your bathroom! I love everything about it! Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your favorite things!

  10. I'm loving your quote "When you live with beautiful things, you stimulate your mind, you enjoy life a little more." These are truly words to live by! Your bathroom leaves me speechless, how lucky you are to live with such beautiful things!

  11. Oh Patricia, your bathroom is STUNNING!!!! I'm green all over with envy!!!!

    Thank you for sharing some of your favourite things with us. You've inspired me to look around my house and gather together some of my favourite things :-)


  12. That would make me very happy to look at!

  13. Your bathroom is gorgeous. I love this idea of post about our favorite things

  14. LOVE the Hermes packaging! Lovely bathroom toooo!

  15. Clean, modern but with a touch of opulence in the mirror and tray - I love your bathroom, it's perfect. And I second Jo Malone (Lime and Basil for me).

  16. I agree with your motto! To be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing things is really good for our souls.

  17. I'm so dumb...for a second there I thought you had two toilets side by side! The old mirror trick got me again, hah!

    Your bathroom (with its more practical single toilet) is divine!


  18. Linda12/2/09

    Hello to my dear friend Patricia. I just couldn't resist responding to your posting of "a few if my favorite things". I too have some favorite things that I wanted to share with your fellow bloggers,but just a little history first....Patricia and I met on our first day @ design school where we became friends instantly. We have been close friends ever since. During the years we have managed to exchange some wonderful gifts. The art of gift giving is truly an art and this year was no exception. I pride myself in paying close attention to my friends and family. During the year I try and gather tidbits of information to help choose meaningful gifts for them. Patricia has been the recipient of many. I have such fun with this that we usually exchange our gifts ahead of time, too excited to wait!!!Guess we all are truly kids at heart!!!
    It was such a pleasure to find that Patricia had done the same with me this past Christmas. On one of our many infamous shopping trips to Seattle, I had happened to mention my passion for playing cards. During my pre-teen and teen years, my grandmere and I would spend hours playing cards such as Canasta, hearts, crazy eights and so on. I have continued on and now play cribbage with friends and family. It is such a wonderful way to socialize. I had mentioned to Patricia that a friend of mine had invited me over to play cards one evening. She brought out a beautiful deck of playing cards that consisted of 2 decks stored in a beautiful silk lined box. The edges of the cards were gold plated. They were handed down to her by her grandmother and were originally purchased onboard an ocean liner. I can't remember who won or lost those games but I had remembered the decks of cards and wonderful box. A true designer at heart!!! Well... low and behold this past Christmas, my gift from Patricia was a stunning 2 deck set of HERMES playing cards. I have sent a picture of them to Patricia set beside a beautiful vase of gerberas that make up a couple of my favorite things. Hopefully Patricia will share the photos with her fellow bloggers. Incidentally Patricia, it is the green deck that bring me the most luck!!! The cards are especially precious as they are decorated with horses. I have spent the past 10 summers touring with my daughters, competing both locally and nationally with their horses. In true HERMES fashion, they are magnificient. The box is silver foil lined while the decks are edged in silver plate. They have already brought me such pleasure and I know I will enjoy them over the years to come. Thank you so much Patricia!!!
    P.S.Guess I've made up for not posting to your blogs!!! seems as if I've practically written a book. Serves you right, Ha Ha!!

  19. It's so exciting to see pics of your beautiful home!!

    And I loved that story of you and the cards in the comments!


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