Another White Bedroom

I don't know how I missed including this picture in my last posting on White Bedrooms.

Shabby Chic via Cote de Texas

Shabby Chic via Cote de Texas Cote de Texas describes this picture as: Gustavian and Shabby Chic - the new combination. I would love to sleep in this bedroom!!

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  1. I call it 'Gusty Shabby'. Now there's a book title!

  2. I love everything you post! This room is no exception! We should get your posts in a book! I would buy it! Actually I would buy many and pass them around. Love "Gusty Shabby" Although my own home's decor is more along the line of the room that you designed, I love this comfy, gorgeous room! I Have to spend some time at Cote de Texas!


  3. Anonymous14/6/08

    This is beautiful! I also low how the photographer has catched the light! :-)

  4. To me, thisis perfection!


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