Patricia Gray Interior Design: Knoll Saarinen Table

Patricia Gray Interior Design: Knoll Saarinen Table


  1. Hi Patricia,

    I know exactly what you mean by 'having to come to terms' with the table. I grew up with one at home along with the burnt orange, harvest gold and olive green wallpaper & appliances. I still don't think I could use that table and those colours in a home. Possibly, not enough time has passed for me to appreciate the new updated versions... so good for you! You have chosen photos of some great spaces for the Saarinen!

    I loved the blog on pathways. The brick patio with 4 chairs was especially nice.



  2. Hi! love your blog and your website.
    I'm an architect and i do a lot of ID projects, the Saarinen table is one of my favorites and was so thrilled that i was able to finally use it an ID project this year.
    Your blog has so much info , i am so excited to go through all of them later after i send my kids off to playdates.
    there is a photo on the sidebar in my blog where i have the Saarinen table: Black & White. i hope you could pop over.
    thanks for the inspiration.

  3. it is that table or new heels.
    after all, it is all about the legs!


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