Emergency Essentials

Warning: This post has no pretty pictures but it could save your life.

This is the new book by Colin Cowie, legendary lifestyle expert. It is an immensely practical handbook and offers step-by-step instructions on everything from how to make a gracious home to fearless entertaining. But the most important thing I gained from Colin's book was his list of Emergency Essentials on Page 66. It is a list of essentials to have on hand in the event of a disaster. If you are like me, who always thinks that it is a good idea to be prepared and then put it on the back burner to do "later".....well there is no time like the present to be prepared. This list is now my top priority, not because I think that we have a disaster looming in the near future, but as a practical and necessary preparatory pre-caution we can take for ourselves, our family and loved ones.

Step 1 - Click on image to enlarge to a readable size.

Step 2 - Print this out and do everything on the list!!!


  1. Anonymous6/1/08

    This is so important and I plan to start gathering the essentials this week, starting with trying to find the best tasting energy bar available. Great post!

  2. Patricia, you don't know my husband, yet, but rest assured we have pretty much got this list down. Living in a hurricane area, we go through this each summer. You should see the stockpile of bstteries we have. It's all in one special place: battery operated tvs AND radios, huge flashlights and small flashlights, plus flashlights in each nightstand, sirens (yes), first aid kits, at home and in the back seat, bottled water in trunks, omg - he's a fanatic. The day Lizzy got her car, he loaded up her truck with survival gear like we lived in the bush country of Africa!!! Great list though - one thing we don't have is money! I'll tell him we need to do that. And hadn't thought of the last one, that's a toughie, let's see, my family: let's all meet on the upper decker of the 610 loop sw/w spaghetti bowl.

  3. Yikes! Of course these are things I had not even considered doing until now. Thanks for helping us all stay safe.

  4. I was delighted to read your post today. I just ordered this book last night and can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. Looking forward to a good read.

  5. Wow! Never thought of this. Thanks Patricia - very helpful and thoughtful post

  6. Hi Anon
    Please let me know when you find that "best tastine" energy bar.

  7. Hi Joni
    Aren't you lucky to have a husband that has it all accounted for. And having money on hand in small denominations is something that is usually not though about.

  8. Hi BA & Bhavna
    I am glad that I have given you an awarnesss of this and it is only out of my need to do the same preparations for myself and my family.

  9. Hi Neutral Dwelling
    Let me know how you like the book when you receive it.

  10. Thank you Patricia for the reminder! Looks like another great book to add to the list.

  11. My fiance' is going to love these suggestions. We already have what he calls our energy draw, packed with anything that can give light, energy or heat. When he buys that extra can of beans I usually roll my eyes, so he will be thrilled that hes got you and Collin on his side!!!

  12. My of my favorite things in elementary school was a lock-down drill or a fire-drill. My husband and I were in the middle of Hurricane Hugo, a thrilling time-
    wish we had this sos list back then! thanks for leading us to a safe sos!


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