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Monochrome is a term generally used to describe painting, drawing, design, or photography in one color or shades of one color. A monochrome object or image is one whose range of colors consists of shades of a single color or hue. I have shown a monochrome interior in shades of white, but monochrome interiors can also be in shades of green, blue, red, etc. I particularly like this Monochrome interior - Blue Fin Restaurant at the W in New York, because of the way pattern and texture were used to give interest and drama to an otherwise all white space. I haven't eaten here yet, but I want to....I wonder if the food is as good as the design?

If anyone has dined at this restaurant, please let me know.

Photo: Monochrome Interior -The Blue Fin Restaurant W New York Times Square, Interior design Yabu Pushellberg

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  1. Hello !!!!
    Very beautiful !!!
    I could easily move in there !!
    Suddenly, I love modern ,theatrical interiors......
    Wish you a happy new year !!!
    Buon anno !!!
    Monica in Rome

  2. Kathy12/1/10


    I have dined there. It is a BR Guest property--Steve Hanson always does a nice job. The sushi is particularly wonderful and the downstairs bar scene is great people watching!

    (I run a concierge firm so we have to know all of the good spots :-)


  3. I am actually not a fan of monochromatic, but I see the beauty in it....I love the 3 D woodgrain effect of the wall and the elegance of the space. Nicely done!

    Happy New Year, Patricia!


  4. Anonymous12/1/10

    I have been to the Blue Fin for a drink. By the way, the design of the lobby of the W hotel is also amazing. My favorite part of this design is the contrast of the black floating mobile descending against the white wave wall - unbelievable!

    Will you be in NYC any time soon? I will meet you there for dinner!

  5. love monochromatic spaces. They are so soothing yet very challenging to design. Have not been to this resturant but would love to.

  6. Love this wall. It reminds me of the rammed earth wall, my favorite post of your. ;)

  7. I like your color combination that you use to paint the bedroom and kitchen room.

  8. I love the way one can use white to evoke so many moods and allows for an open interpretation. I love to use shadows to suggest textures and patterns.

    Take care,


  9. Monochrome interiors is a popular choice of modern and contemporary homes as they give a trendy look. Lot of people think that monochrome interior decoration is just black and white but it can be so much more. Great work indeed.

  10. What an incredible, fluid wall, like dune grass moving in the wind (I am sure there are as many associations as there are people).....thanks for sharing that..I learn so much from you!

  11. I love the black whimsical mobile (or light fixture?) that breaks up the space. Curious what the wall treatment is made of..

  12. I was at the blue fin last summer and although I did not particularly fancy the monochrome wall (the waves just seemed like too obvious a choice for my personal liking), the sushi was absolutely amazing. Worth a visit.


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