The Ultimate Hostess Gift

The wax is comprised of a unique blend of soy, maple and palm waxes. The vessel is inspired by the organic floral structure and elements of art deco design.  The packaging is stitched in Burmese silk.  The satin ribbons are imported from France and the tissue that wraps each bowl is hand pleated and imported from Switzerland.  And the scent is pure heaven:  French Tuberose against an earthly and delicate scent of Woodland mushrooms.


D.L. & Company candles available from Griffen Trading.

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  1. What a great pick for a gift, I love these.....have a great holiday, Ingela

  2. Love the detail in the black base. Very nice gift indeed. I

  3. I have never tried these, but now I will! Have a wonderful holiday!
    xxx-Gina :)

  4. Beautiful!

    Patricia - have a Merry Merry and Happy and HEALTHY New Years!!!

    Love you!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'd love to receive that gift. I also found a really nice hostess gift here locally at Homewerx...it's a set with a fornasetti square glass dish with a fancy soap to go on it.

    Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  6. Ooooh. i wanna smell it! Sounds absolutely luscious!

  7. A candle like that for a gift becomes an accessory instead of just another chachka!

  8. I love the colour black...and white...well anything in between is good too...a beauty of a gift :)

  9. Each of your posts are like lighting a candle, the more you light, the brighter the flame and the inspiration.
    Wishing you a Merry and Joyous Holiday!

  10. Nothing for say,
    Really great work


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