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In my ongoing theme of " All Things Zebra" this week, I am featuring in this post the magnificent zebra used in ways other than carpets. Zebra prints on stools & ottomans seem to be the most predominant way to get a little zebra into your room.

Home of a Houston purse designer via Cote de Texas
I love the black walls. In another photo further down in this post Miles Redd has also used black walls.

This fabric is a classic that Brunschwig has done for years called "Le Zebre"

A classic French fauteuil chair covered in zebra
Above 3 photos Miles Redd
An interesting diversion from the black and white - Miles Redd used zebra pattern to cover two chairs in taupe and cream. Note the black walls.

Another colorway of Brunschwig's classic "Le Zebre" print used on a headboard

Zebra cushions used by Mary McDonald

How about zebra used as a wall hanging. Photo Cote de Texas from Round Top market, Texas

And what about a zebra striped ceramic stool?
O Magazine Sept 2007 spotted at Fresh Pallette

I love the way that Miles Redd has used zebra with studs to cover the doors in his own apartment

In my own office I have zebra totes to organize client samples

For my new guest bedroom I am using "Safari" sheets for the bedding mixed with chocolate silk shams & coverlet. I think I will want to sleep in my guest bedroom when it is finished.

And lastly I have just purchased this yummy pair of Steve Madden moccasins lined in sheep skin.
What do you think...could a touch of zebra be used somewhere in your home or wardrobe?


  1. OMG you're back!!! Hope the move went well. It looks like we are both loving animal prints these days. Great post and images as well. Glad you're back Patricia :)


  2. We are so glad you are back! So many zebra favorites and plenty of new ones.

    I am so impressed with how organized you keep your magazines. I should save this photo as reminder to better catalog my own.

  3. Hi Kate
    I'm back after a few hectic weeks of unpacking and organizing.

  4. Hi Brilliant
    My mags are organized because I just unpacked them...hope they can stay that way. Filed by magazine with the most current on top.
    Save the photo to remind me also!!

  5. I love all your posts about it !!! But the door of Miles Redd is just the best idea I've never seen ..

  6. Well, absolutely!!!! I'm the queen of animal prints. In fact, I sometimes have to use restraint!

  7. Hi Melanie
    I love padded doors, but Miles Redd takes them to new heights.

  8. Hi Peak aka "Queen of Animal Prints"
    I can totally relate to you with having to use restraint with the animal prints.

  9. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of animal prints, however, this whole zebra thing is really starting to grow on me. The amazing thing about real zebras is that they are like fingerprints, no two zebras have the same pattern, so they represent uniqueness. Talk about a bold, graphic quality....

  10. Welcome back, Patricia! Like Brilliant, I also noticed how organized your office was--if only I could keep all my magazines that tidy!

  11. It's interesting that the same painting is in the Miles Redd photos, but in two different settings. Are these pix from his house?

  12. Hi Anne
    I totally agree that they are certainly a unique and graffic species.

  13. Hi Glamorous
    Well time will tell if I am able to keep my mags this organized....

  14. Hi Fairfax
    I noticed that about the painting being used in two different settings. Maybe it is a favourite prop of his that rotates for photo sessions. It certainly makes a statement in the photos.

  15. hi patricia your designs are fabulas.

  16. "Le Zebre" is one of my all time favorites :)

  17. Hi Style Court
    I just knew that "Le Zebre" would be a fav of yours!!

  18. maybe too much, but I saw the CUTEST towels, zebra!!! Now, I can't remember where, typical. ok - it was either Ballard designs or PBarn. I'll try to find it, if you are interested. Love the house shoes. I'm like zebra obsessed.

  19. So glad you're back and I love the new pic! A little Zebra goes a long way. Love it all.

  20. Thanks Joni
    But I think I will pass on the Zebra towels. How much is too much? BTW the shoes are so comfy!

  21. Hi Jacki
    Yes you're right, a little touch is probably all you need of the Zebra.

  22. Hi! I just found your blog while searching for Lee Jofa's purple and green zebra print. I can't find it anywhere on the internet -- is it discontinued? Do you have any idea what the pattern name is, and/or price (ballpark)? All I need is a couple of yards... "a little touch!" Thanks for your help!


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