Contemporary Kitchen Design In Vancouver

What could be better than a kitchen custom designed especially for you with all the right appliances, lots of counter space and storage, perfect lighting and a place for everything. A kitchen that is functional and beautiful, where you want to spend time, create special meals, share precious time with family and friends.

Award Winning Kitchen Design by Vancouver Interior Designer Patricia Gray [contact]

As Featured in Architectectural Digest

Contemporary Kitchen Design Patricia Gray As Featured in Western Living Condo

Contemporary Kitchen Design Patricia Gray As Featured in Western Living

Contemporary Kitchen Design Patricia Gray

Contemporary Kitchen Design Patricia Gray Since 1982, Patricia Gray Inc. has worked with clients to achieve dynamic living environments. Patricia's Gray's award-winning interior design and kitchen design is distinguished by its signature warmth, personal approach, and use of a variety of innovative materials. Visit Patricia Gray's Web-site

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  1. NO COMMENT . Simply wonderful

  2. Great Looking Work :)

  3. Your designs are amazing Patricia!

  4. Gorgeous work, Patricia. You are the consummate professional!

  5. A whole new realm of beautiful. You are so inspirational, Patricia.

  6. Fabulous, fabulous work...it is what sets you apart!


  7. Hi Patricia,
    I will be majoring in interior design this fall and want to thank you for being such a great inspiration. When people ask me who my favorite interior designers are I say "Particia Gray and Kelly Hoppen".
    I am working on a project for a college scholarship that is to be designed for two young stylish women in their early 20's. If you have a minute I would really appreciated it if you could look at my project at Bleueinteriors.blogspot.com and give me some critique. The pics are below"Contemporary Condominium". The project is for a college scholarship. Thank you so much,


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