The Fountainhead

Julie Snow Architect Koehler Residence New Brunswick, Canada

“Most people build as they live - as a matter of routine…..

But a few understand that building is a great symbol.

We live in our minds, and existence is the attempt to bring that life

into physical reality, to state it in gesture and form.

For the man who understands this,

a house he owns is a statement of his life,

a visible shape for his life.”
Ayn Rand The Fountainhead


  1. perfect words for my morning! what a gorgeous image, also.

    I intend for all of my homes to be a statement of my life - a visible shape for it.

  2. Walls may think they are made of conrete and steel but can't escape the happiness & beliefs we write on them.
    Yes,our homes reflect us only!

  3. Pure perfection - and thank you for making me want to read The Fountainhead again; I think/hope it will have more resonance now.

  4. I just recently re-read this book and it had more of an impact on me than when I first read it. Howard Rourk was a true visionary and committed to upholding his principles.

  5. Designflute...what a wonderful way you have put that. I totally agree.

  6. Hi Franki
    Thanks for you comment...our homes are truly more than just a shelter.

  7. Patricia - I love how you tied the two posts together. The actual land waiting for a home, and the philosophy behind the home. Great posts, as usual. Thanks for thought provocation.


  8. A home becomes your legacy;a gift for the land that you leave behind.

  9. Hi Cote de Texas
    Well done on picking up on the link between these two posts. You are so observant!!!

  10. Hi Liberty Post
    What you say is so true and if more people thought that way maybe
    we would have a firmer resolve to dedicate our efforts to building legacies.

  11. Such lovely words . OUR home is a reflection of ourselves as well the outside as the inside .

  12. This post was a good reminder to read that book. It's sitting on my list of things to read but I kept forgetting.

    ...very poetic statement.

  13. I think I may have to finally pick up this book and read it. My husband was introduced to Ayn Rand by his father and ever since reading Atlas Shrugged he has read most of her work and has been trying to convince to read it too. I think I will start with the Fountainhead though.

    Have you see the Ayn Rand TV film with the fabulous Helen Mirren?


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