I'm Back

I have been frantically trying to stay afloat.....that means I have been doing the proverbial juggling act of a circus acrobat.  When that happens in life some things have to give and that happened to be my daily Blog Postings.  Thanks to all of you who missed me and expressed your concern as to my whereabouts. I was in my office, and out and about town(s) - Vancouver and Seattle, creating and designing for 3 new clients.  The dynamics of the creative process is a very nebulous thing for me.  It happens in a vacuum of frenzied momentum and somewhat wondrous, and at times, inexplicable flashes.  So now that things are settling back to normal (not that I have that word in my vocabulary) I will be eagerly posting on my current inspirations.....Ready, Set, Go..........



  1. I am glad you are back. I was wondering what was happening to you.

  2. Great to have you back, I assumed you were busy!

  3. I am so pleased you are back!

  4. Nice to have you back Patricia. I missed your inspirational postings. I'm going thru a hectic period myself and as you say, some things have to give in order for you to retain some sanity! Look forward to 'seeing more of you....
    btw, for some reason your comment box doesn't open properly so I cant see all of what I'm posting in your comment box. It only happens when I open yours so maybe sthg needs repairing?
    all the best

  5. Anonymous23/4/08

    So glad your back! Your blog always inspires me. I was worried!

  6. In the short space of time that I started reading your blog I have been checking back regularly to see your new posts. I missed your posts while you were gone but I'm GLAD your back!!!!

  7. I'm so happy , you are back !
    You have been missed

  8. Patricia

    OMG you're alive! I was about to contact the Vancouver Police and put in a missing person report and as the days went by I was like what? where is patricia? i even Googles "has anyone heard from patricia gray?" WOW it was getting spooky. GLAD your back. Love your swimming piglets and your post on the color Blue

    Now if you disappear again plese just post a teensy note ;-)

    the crafty cameleon

  9. Must be nice to know how missed you were!
    I thought you had gone hiding in that Concrete Pod!
    Welcome back! Stay Calm and Carry on!

  10. Wow! This photo Really caught my attention. What a way to announce that you are back :)

  11. Patricia - Lovely to have you back and this picture makes me laugh!! I love it!!!


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